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Paolo Fox’s horoscope for today, Friday 24 March 2023- breaking latest news

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Paolo Fox’s horoscope for today, Friday 24 March 2023- breaking latest news


An ideal situation to start planning an important future, if acquisitions have already been made and important issues are at stake, it seems to me essential to get busy.
There’s not much to suggest, you’re a guy who doesn’t sit idly by and so I’m convinced you already have some great ideas in mind.
Meanwhile, this weekend also brings to light the value of a love


In this period it is very important to mend a tear on a sentimental level, try to solve family problems, especially if there are household expenses or very important commitments in view of the coming weeks.
Let’s not forget that from May Jupiter will begin a protective transit, which is why there are so many born Taurus who already know what to do and if they have sown well in the past they already have a reconfirmation in their pocket.


The new transit of Saturn can lead to a moment of tension and indecision regarding professional life, it is not certain that results are lacking but strategies must be found to overcome problems.
Useful new tricks that could suggest a different way of working, a change of role or collaborations.
Good to have only reliable people around, for students the possibility of new horizons, or in any case of revisions.
More interesting love as we get closer to April.


This is the last blow of the tail of a period of little news; you can’t say exactly what you’re going to do from May onwards, perhaps because there’s no signing or agreement or there’s a contract in place, an evolution to be defined.
Anyone who works as an employee knows that items or references to ask will change very soon, and that’s why we navigate by sight, however the new positive transit of Saturn should have already brought some good news or promises for the future.
In love you need more stability!

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Here is a sky of disputes at work level, there is the need to get back on top.
Anyone who is playing arm wrestling or carrying out a contract is not entirely satisfied and will have to try to anticipate the times or clarify some misunderstandings.
The most important decisions should be made by mid-May, because something will be lost after that.
Romantic relationships are important but there are those who see each other less or have too many problems on their mind.


Ready for a take-off that will take place in a few weeks.
As I have explained on other occasions, you have no doubts about what you are going to do, but you may be uncertain if the others do not tell you exactly what they intend to do.
I am thinking, for example, of those who work in a company and know that something could change, there are also those who could change their role and their projects and objectives within two months, always on the basis of what will change, roles, tasks, schedules.
The important thing is to know that in the end no one will be able to affect your image or situation, if anything it could be you who, cornered or in any case tired of some situations, want to definitively clarify some relationships.
In love, the stars are favorable and could bring down some reticence.


The strong planetary oppositions are decreasing but we must remember that something is not going well.
Be careful in relationships with exes, with people who represent the past.
Your innate sense of justice could also make you make important decisions, perhaps you simply want to feel more loved, reassured by the people around you.
For some time the wiser have stopped and hoped that things would improve, they realized that the more they talked the more uncomfortable they got, it was necessary to leave the scene for a while.
You have to let things slide. Don’t burden yourself with responsibilities or undertakings beyond your physical strength, at least for now.

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These are particular days in which you may feel a great deal of fatigue.
Love stories are completely protected and therefore those who have been in a relationship for a long time have doubts about the confirmation of a feeling or will have to take a step back, stop and reflect.
In some cases there are too many mutual accusations or maybe simply those who are alone for now do not want to indulge in new loves; it takes a little patience.
At work some scenarios can change, collaborations with Sagittarius, Virgo and Gemini are bound to change.


Messages of hope can be seen in this sky but we need to understand what happened between the end of February and the beginning of March, when there were problems to overcome.
It’s like a new path in your life has begun, and this regardless of age; not only does one never stop growing but even Sagittarius often experiences transformations in life, especially after the age of forty.
This weekend helps to resolve a sentimental problem and will pass peacefully for most.


Looking forward to the big milestone in May, I think you need to settle some open disputes.
Over the last two days it will have happened to you to discuss with people who don’t think like you, but above all to put the lie to people who have tried to say the wrong things, you don’t love hypocrites.
Should we adapt to the thinking of others? Absolutely not! Also because a true Capricorn would never do such a thing.
You are a person who hardly asks for a favor, you hate favoritism and you think it’s important to work hard to get credit; you want others to value you for what you are worth.
Only for a few weeks I recommend avoiding tensions, then the results will arrive in May and an enemy will be “archived”.

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Feelings march in slow motion and it is as if these days there is a need for greater security, or the heart is divided between two stories.
It must be said that all those born in Aquarius who live in conflicting relationships, in which jealousy takes over, are inevitably confused.
I would say don’t overdo it, this weekend’s course won’t be difficult but it will bring some small contrasts.
At work, you fear that a person isn’t completely honest with you.


Since Saturn entered your sign you are gaining stability; let’s remember the meaning of this planet which represents in astrology the wise, the old, the one who offers advice.
You can face the period that is about to begin with great serenity; there is finally a goal to reach and requests to make.
Those who have worked well in the past will have more solidity and the closer we get to May the clearer things will be.
You could go back to doing things you had abandoned some time ago, work assignments, for someone you change companies.
Love can once again be the protagonist thanks to a new discovery, we must not think only of the past.
It’s time for plans for couples who want to legalize a union.

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