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Paramount + arrives in Italy from September 15th. The streaming TV market is expanding

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Paramount + arrives in Italy from September 15th.  The streaming TV market is expanding

Still TV series, films and shows. All by subscription. Paramount, one of the oldest Hollywood studios, arrives in Italy with a streaming content offering that will expand a market dominated by giants such as Sky, Netflix, Sky, Disney + and Amazon Prime. In Italy, Paramount +, as it will be called, will arrive on September 15 and at the launch there will be over 8,000 hours of content, including TV series, films and original and exclusive titles. It will be available online on mobile and through a variety of TVs connected through Apple, Amazon, Google, Samsung, SkyQ and more. Users, the note reads, will be able to access the service at the price of 7.99 euros with a trial period of 7 days and the possibility of canceling at any time. It will also be possible to take out an annual subscription at a cost of € 79.90, also in this case there is a 7-day trial period and the possibility of canceling at any time. Furthermore, thanks to the partnership with Sky, Sky Cinema subscribers will be able to access Paramount + at no additional cost.

What’s interesting?

Among the international titles by Paramount + Original we start with “Tulsa King”, a crime drama with Sylvester Stallone, who plays for the first time in a TV series in the role of a mafia boss with an indecipherable personality. In addition to the Paramount + Original content on the platform, new exclusive SHOWTIME productions will also be available. Among these: the TV series of Halo and First Lady, the series dedicated to three iconic first ladies of the history of the United States with Viola Davis, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Gillian Anderson. The first ever Italian film by Paramount + Original movie will be “14 days”. Written and directed by Ivan Cotroneo, it is a story about couple conflicts and the resistance of love in the time of Covid. Then there are also the section for children and family and the one dedicated to blockbusters with titles like Scream 5 and Top Gun: Maverick.

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What changes for the market and for users?

For Sky it is an extra content that is added to its offer within Sky Cinema. For the other streaming platforms, an additional competitor even if we will find some contents again or have already seen them elsewhere. It certainly means more choice for consumers but it will be interesting to understand if the subscription formula really makes sense in such a complex market. How many season tickets can an Italian family afford? Isn’t it more useful then to think about an on-demand sale of individual contents?

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