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Part of the lineup of games available on the new “PlayStation Plus” service has been revealed! – funglr Games

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Part of the lineup of games available on the new “PlayStation Plus” service has been revealed!  – funglr Games

A subscription service that many users of PlayStation have joined “PlayStation Plus” (hereinafter referred to as PS Plus)
Apart fromonline multiplayerIn addition to this service, a fully playable game will be released every month.Free PlayAnd getting rewards is a major feature of joining this service.
You can use cloud storage to backup and store data, and you can also share and play with friends. It can be said to be a service worth joining.
You can play PS4 masterpieces on PS5 without additional money.PlayStation Plus Collection‘ is also very attractive.
PS PlusWill be revamped in June 2022In addition to playing PS4 and PS5 games, the new service can also play other classic games.
Are you excited about which classic games will be included in the service?
One month before the start of service,Part of the game lineup offered is revealed!

There are three tiers of paid plans to choose from! “PS Plus” will be heavily refurbished in June!

Many classic game works! Part of the game lineup has been revealed!

The new PS Plus is the same as now that can get the “Free Play”Essentialalso added “Extra“and”Premium“Two more advanced options.
join“Extra” and “Premium” users can play a large number of PS4 and PS5 game titles
besides,“Premium” also includes classic games from the original PS, PSP and PS3
Although the details have not yet been published, some of the included works have been released!
First of all, it is provided in “Extra” and “Premium”PS4 and PS5game works byPlayStation Studiosrelease!

  • 『ALIENATION』| Housemarque、PS4
  • 『Bloodborne』| FromSoftware Inc./Japan Studio、PS4
  • “Concrete Genie” | Pixelopus, PS4
  • 『Days Gone』| Bend Studio、PS4
  • “Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition” | Housemarque, PS4
  • “DEATH STRANDING” (also known as “DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT”) | Kojima Productions, PS5 / PS4
  • 『Demon’s Souls』| Bluepoint Games/PlayStation Studios、PS5
  • 『Destruction AllStars』| Lucid Games、PS5
  • “New・Everybody Golf” | Japan Studio, PS4
  • 『Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut』| Sucker Punch Productions、PS5/ PS4
  • 『God of War』| Santa Monica Studio、PS4
  • “GRAVITY DAZE 2 / Gravity Dazzle Complete Edition: The Choice Converged in Her Inner Space after Returning to the Upper Layers” | Japan Studio, PS4
  • “GRAVITY DAZE (Gravity Rush: Perturbations in her inner space on the return to the upper layers)” | Japan Studio, PS4
  • 『Horizon Zero Dawn』| Guerrilla Games、PS4
  • 『inFAMOUS First Light』| Sucker Punch Productions、PS4
  • 『inFAMOUS Second Son』| Sucker Punch Productions、PS4
  • 『KNACK』| Japan Studio、PS4
  • 『LittleBigPlanet 3』| Sumo Digital、PS4
  • 『LocoRoco』| Japan Studio、PS4
  • 『LocoRoco 2』| Japan Studio、PS4
  • 『Marvel’s Spider-Man』| Insomniac Games、PS4
  • 『Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales』| Insomniac Games、PS5/PS4
  • 『MATTERFALL』|Housemarque、PS4
  • “MediEvil” | Other Ocean, PS4
  • 『Patapon』 | Japan Studio PS4
  • Patapon 2 | Japan Studio PS4
  • 『RESOGUN』| Housemarque、PS4
  • 『Returnal』| Housemarque、PS5
  • “Shadow of the Colossus” | Japan Studio, PS4
  • 『Tearaway PlayStation 4』|Media Molecule、PS4
  • “The Last Guardian” | Japan Studio, PS4
  • 『The Last of Us Remastered 』| Naughty Dog、PS4
  • 『The Last Of Us: Left Behind』| Naughty Dog、PS4
  • 『Until Dawn』| Supermassive Games、PS4
  • 『Uncharted: Collection』| Naughty Dog、PS4
  • 『Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End』| Naughty Dog、PS4
  • 『Uncharted: The Lost Legacy』| Naughty Dog、PS4
  • 『Wipeout Omega Collection』| Clever Beans & Creative Vault Studios、PS4

]othersoftware game providerThe works are as follows.

  • 『Ashen』 | Annapurna Interactive 、 PS4
  • 『Assassin’s Creed Valhalla PS4 & PS5』 | Ubisoft、PS5/PS4
  • 『Batman: Arkham Knight -Special Edition-』 | Warner Bros. Japan LLC、PS4
  • 『Celeste』| 8-4、PS4
  • 『Cities: Skylines』| Spike Chunsoft、PS4
  • 『CONTROL: Ultimate Edition』| Marvelous、PS5/PS4
  • 『Dead Cells』| Motion Twin、PS4
  • 『For Honor』| Ubisoft、PS4
  • 『Far Cry 33: Classic Edition』 | Ubisoft、PS4
  • 『Far Cry 4』| Ubisoft、PS4
  • 『Hollow Knight』| Team Cherry Pty Ltd 、PS4
  • 『Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy』| Square Enix、PS5/PS4
  • “Hokage Ninja Shippuden: Ultimate Storm 4 (NARUTO Shippuden Ultimate Storm 4)” | BNE Entertainment, PS4
  • 『NBA 2K22』| Take-Two 、PS5/PS4
  • 『Outer Wilds』| Annapurna Interactive、PS4
  • 『Red Dead Redemption 2』| Rockstar Games、PS4
  • 『biohazard HD Remaster』| Capcom、PS4
  • 『SOULCALIBUR VI Welcome Price!! 』| BNE Entertainment、PS4
  • 『The Artful Escape』| Annapurna Interactive、PS5/PS4
  • 『The Crew 2』 | Ubisoft、PS4
  • 『Tom Clancy’s The Division』 | Ubisoft、PS4

Such a massive amount of games is really not confident enough to finish it.
“Premium” also provides you can play classic gamesClassic Catalog
A part of the works of the Classic Catalog has also been released,PlayStation StudiosThe works are as follows.

  • “Ape Escape” | Japan Studio, the first PlayStation
  • “Everybody’s Golf” | Japan Studio, the first PlayStation
  • “IQ Intelligent Qube” | Japan Studio, the first PlayStation
  • “Jumping Flash! Baron Aloha Vol. of Horror War (Jumping Flash! Baron アロハファンキー大作戦の巻)” | Japan Studio, original PlayStation

othersoftware game providerThe works are as follows. .

  • “Mr. Driller” | BNE Entertainment, the first PlayStation
  • “Tekken 2” | BNE Entertainment, original PlayStation

There are also many in classic gamesremakes work!
PlayStation StudiosThe remastered version works below.

  • 『Like II』 | Naughty Dog 、 PS4
  • “Jak 3” | Naughty Dog, PS4
  • “Jak X: Combat Racing” | Naughty Dog, PS4
  • 『Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy』| Naughty Dog、PS4

othersoftware game providerThe remake works are as follows.

  • 『BioShock Remastered』| Take-Two、PS4
  • 『Borderlands: Double Deluxe Collection』| Take-Two、PS4
  • 『Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition』| Gearbox Publishing、PS4
  • 『Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning』| THQ Nordic、PS4

Friends who are worried about insufficient storage capacity can also use “Premium” tostreamway to play!
PlayStation StudiosThe streaming works are as follows.

  • “Minnya’s Putter GOLF” | Japan Studio, PS3
  • 『Demon’s Souls』| FromSoftware Inc./Japan Studio、PS3
  • “Infinite Corridor -Overture-” | Japan Studio, PS3
  • “Zenmin Takashio 5 (Everybody’s Golf 5)” | Japan Studio, PS3
  • “Everybody’s Golf 6” | Japan Studio, PS3
  • 『ICO』| Japan Studio、PS3
  • “Come on! Katsu Katsu! BuuBuu Cocoreccho! (Come on LocoRoco !! BuuBuu Cocoreccho!) ”| Japan Studio, PS3
  • 『MotorStorm RC』| Evolution Studios、PS3
  • 『Puppeteer』| Japan Studio、PS3
  • 『rain』| Japan Studio、PS3
  • 『Ratchet & Clank FUTURE 2』| Insomniac Games、PS3
  • 『Ratchet & Clank INTO THE NEXUS』| Insomniac Games、PS3
  • 『RESISTANCE 3』| Insomniac Games、PS3
  • 『STAR STRIKE HD』| Housemarque、PS3
  • 『TOKYO JUNGLE』| Japan Studio、PS3
  • 『When Vikings Attack!!』| Clever Beans、PS3

othersoftware game providerThe streaming works are as follows.

  • 『Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2』| Konami Digital Entertainment、PS3
  • 『LOST PLANET 2』| Capcom、PS3
  • “NINJA GAIDEN Σ2” | Koei Tecmo Games, PS3

In addition to the massive works, of course there are more exciting content!
“Premium” can also have a time limit for new worksdemo
in the trial stageSaved data and scores can be brought into the purchased book for useyou can try the same content as this one before deciding whether to buy it or not.
available for trialPlayStation Studiosworks for

  • 『UNCHARTED: Treasure Hunter Collection』| Naughty Dog、PS5
  • 『Horizon Forbidden West』| Guerrilla Games、PS5/PS4

othersoftware game providerworks for

  • 『Cyberpunk 2077. | CD PROJECT SA 、 PS5
  • 『Farming Simulator 22』| BNE Entertainment、PS5/PS4
  • 『Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands』| Take-Two 、PS5/PS4
  • 『WWE® 2K22』| Take-Two 、PS5/PS4

・・・The above works are all corresponding demos.
Each work is the latest work, and it is very exciting to be able to try it out.
The new PS Plus service (in Japan) will beJune 2, 2022 (Thursday)start!
Friends who have not yet joined PS Plus should also take this opportunity to consider joining! I believe that more information will be released as the day when the new service starts is getting closer and closer! Existing entrants can follow PlayStation’s official Twitter if they wish to change the program content (@PlayStation_jp) for first-hand information!
The content of this announcement can be checked on the PlayStation.Blog.

© 2022 Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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