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Patient experience, trust objective – Digital Health

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Patient experience, trust objective – Digital Health

What does it mean and what are the implications of putting the “patient at the centre”? An expert in the sector, Alfredo Pascali, talks to us about it, presenting an interesting conference on the subject.

Modern medicine is increasingly oriented towards the personalization of clinical pathways and the active participation of patients, in order to obtain the best possible health result, thus defining the paradigm of the “patient at the centre” (and not his disease).

If science tells us this, the managerial ability of healthcare facilities, of all types (physical or digital) and nature (public or private), to generate trust in the patient through constant omnichannel management of the relationship in order to offer him the best possible experience , must be the strategic objective of all health service providers who want to achieve their qualitative and quantitative objectives.

But in trying to achieve this fundamental objective we must remember, in analyzing and designing solutions in this sense, that the person has two main needs along the way:

  • in prevention, which is a voluntary choice, the basic need is to maintain one’s state of health;
  • in treatment and rehabilitation, where instead the patient has not chosen to “live” this experience, the primary need, if expressed, is to recover one’s state of health as much as possible.

This is enough to state that, after having permeated all sectors, the concept of customer experience has finally entered the healthcare lexicon, with the patient experience declination, which takes place in the relationship process, from notoriety and reputation to satisfaction and to the generation of trust, typical of the best doctor-patient relationship.

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So it is clear to everyone today that the centrality of the patient must be a priority for the correct and profitable management of a healthcare organization and to create the relationship of trust necessary for the patient to better enjoy his health journey and become a promoter of institution to which he applied.

With transparent data management and direct and personalized communication, which can be obtained thanks to the use of digital tools and relationship management strategies such as, for example, the use of a CRM and other Martech applications, it is possible to support the activity of the clinician and accompany the patient by providing him with useful and tailor-made services, to follow the diagnostic-therapeutic plan with serenity and awareness

Digitization is therefore a driver of innovation also in the healthcare world and, in combination with strategies and processes that place the patient’s well-being at the center – from a clinical point of view, but also from a human and relational point of view – it can support the necessary evolution today for providers of health services.

In order for this journey, which has just begun, of healthcare structures to lead to concrete results, it is necessary that the enlarged ecosystem – which no longer includes only hospitals, regions, local health authorities and Pharma and MedTech companies, but also technology providers and other new players – work together to promote a new holistic approach to the relationship with patients through all the tools available and relying on increasingly “science-tech-data” driven marketing and communication activities.

This approach and other issues related to the centrality of the patient will be discussed on February 16 in Milan on the occasion of CXNow Healthcare, the event organized by CXNow Lab with the collaboration of NExT-H as content partner and the patronage of Assolombarda. This is the first edition of the event-platform created to enable the two worlds, healthcare and technology, to discuss needs and possible solutions, and to stimulate concrete collaboration aimed at improving the patient/user journey.

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You can consult the agenda of the conference Who and subscribe to this link.

Alfredo Pascali, Founder & Chairman of NExT Health

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