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perhaps the turning point is near, where they are looking for the corpse

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There would be a sudden acceleration in the investigation into the disappearance of the Olbia pensioner Rosa Bechere, who disappeared into thin air for just under 7 months, from the popular San Nicola district. The woman vanished into thin air from 25-26 November 2022. In the past few hours, the carabinieri have started a vast operation to search for the body of the 62-year-old in the countryside around the country church of San Vittore, in the immediate surroundings of the Gallura city. The search could go on for days in the area rarely visited by hunters and where there is little private land.

Specialists from the Hunters of Sardinia arrive in the area and also a unit that uses a dog to search for human remains. It is not known whether the military are in possession of specific information. In recent months, the woman’s body has also been searched for at sea, always in vain. There are two suspects for the disappearance of Rosa Bechere, Maria Giovanna Meloni and Giorgio Beccu, who have always said they are completely extraneous to the affair and innocent. The couple is being investigated by the Prosecutor of Tempio Pausania for the disappearance, possible murder and concealment of the woman’s body.

In recent months, the two suspects have given the magistrate a memorandum with their position on the disputed facts. They said they had always helped Rosa Bechere disinterestedly, more assiduously after the woman, 100 per cent disabled, was left alone following the arrest of her partner, now in prison in Bancali (Sassari) for murder. It is not a simple life, that of Bechere, which was followed by social services: the woman was left alone in the house in via Petta after her partner, Davide Iannelli, 48, was arrested last March for killing a neighbor of the house, Tony Cozzolino, dousing him with petrol and burning him alive in the courtyard of the building after a dispute over neighborhood reasons.

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The suspects for Rosa’s disappearance also explained that they were in possession of the woman’s car because it was she who entrusted it to him a few days before her disappearance, because she was afraid that it would be set on fire, given the difficult climate in via Petta. The events, it should be specified, took place in a context of high degradation, in a difficult area, among people who live on the margins of society. The two suspects allegedly used the citizen’s income card of which Bechere was a beneficiary at least once after the woman’s disappearance.

According to the hypotheses being examined by the investigators for months, the two may have administered the woman very large doses of drugs to stun her, then taking possession of the few savings and postal cards on which her basic income was credited. They would then kill her and get rid of her body. There are no certainties, because since last autumn Rosa Bechere has become a ghost. She vanished into thin air, no trace. A few days before she disappeared, the 60-year-old had fallen ill under unclear circumstances and had been hospitalized in Olbia hospital. The actual disappearance was then reported by the social workers who periodically went to her home Rosa di lei: she would hardly have left her home alone. Now, perhaps, the turning point is near.

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