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Pesticides in cherries, rinsing them is not enough: what to do

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Pesticides in cherries, rinsing them is not enough: what to do

The presence of pesticides in cherries is a rather widespread unforeseen event and one to which it is essential to pay attention. You can delete them like this.

Pesticides in cherries they can be one of the risks we can go towards. And passing them under running water may not be enough to eliminate all traces of toxic substances and therefore potentially dangerous to health.

Some wet cherries (Canva – recipesprint.it)

We must be careful and not underestimate the speech that refers to pesticides in cherries. We eat these sweet fruits but sometimes without taking the necessary precautions, and this could lead us to risk taking something that could be harmful.

However, there are methods designed to reduce this danger. In this way we will luckily be safe. And these expedients will not involve any difficulty for their implementation.

Pesticides in cherries, how to get rid of them at home

Already with simple baking soda we will be able to do it. Let’s take this substance, which is always useful to have at home not only to relieve heartburn and acidity but also to be able to clean everything and more, and place it in a large container filled with water.

Sodium bicarbonate (Canva – recipesprint.it)

We turn it around and then we dip the cherries in here. By doing so we will be able to eliminate the pesticides in cherries with a very high percentage and the flavor and properties of these fruits will remain unchanged.

Cherries give us vitamin C, antioxidants and many mineral substances. An alternative is instead to use vinegar instead of baking soda. In both cases you have to leave the fruits to soak for about twenty minutes.

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Then rinse under running cold water to remove any vinegar or baking soda residue. Wipe dry with a clean, dry cloth and you’re done.

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Some baking soda and vinegar (Canva – recipesprint.it)

These two solutions are very simple and very fast. And as we have seen, they do not even involve any type of expense. Vinegar or baking soda are very cheap and last for months and months and months.

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In about twenty minutes you can stay at the top thanks to these methods. And we will be able to eat the right amount of cherries.

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