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Philately and Health: A Tribute to the Evolution of Medicine Through Stamps

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Philately and Health: A Tribute to the Evolution of Medicine Through Stamps

Correos Launches “Philately and Health” Exhibition to Honor Health Workers

A new exhibition titled “Philately and Health” was launched by Correos on September 30, 2020, featuring almost 200 stamps that pay tribute to health workers and essential workers in the fight against Covid-19. The exhibition showcases humanity’s battle against disease and the evolution of Medicine throughout the centuries.

Organized by the Directorate of Philately and Institutional Relations of Correos and the Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit of the 12 de Octubre University Hospital in Madrid, the exhibition will be open to the public at the museum space of the Alicante College of Physicians until June 14, to coincide with the 125th anniversary of the entity.

The exhibition, divided into 18 panels, includes stamps depicting illustrious doctors and scientists such as Hippocrates, Averroes, Margarita Salas, and Francisco Javier Balmis. It also highlights the contributions of Florence Nightingale and addresses various medical specialties and concepts of health and illness.

Additionally, the exhibition explores the historical significance of monasteries in healthcare and education, the role of universities and nursing schools, and advancements in medical specializations. It also features stamps dedicated to notable figures such as Pasteur, Koch, Madame Curie, Ramón y Cajal, and Severo Ochoa.

The exhibition also sheds light on disability, solidarity, international cooperation, and volunteering, showcasing examples of improvement like Helen Keller and Louis Braille. It addresses great epidemics and the role of frontline workers in times of crisis, especially in the healthcare sector.

The President of the Alicante College of Physicians, Dr. Hermann Schwarz, described the exhibition as “first-class,” focusing on the history and evolution of Health and Medicine. The exhibition is part of the 125th anniversary celebrations of the College of Physicians and includes a personalized stamp designed for the occasion.

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Overall, the “Philately and Health” exhibition offers a unique perspective on the intersection of history, science, and healthcare through the art of stamp collection, highlighting the contributions of medical pioneers and the ongoing efforts to promote health and well-being.

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