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Philosophy and classical music do not escape metaversi and Nft

by admin
Philosophy and classical music do not escape metaversi and Nft

We have talked about it several times in this column: all sectors are being fascinated by the world of metaverses and NFTs. From fashion, to publishing, passing through sports, poetry, photography, cooking and entertainment, they are opening up to new technologies and blockchain and now also classical music, ancient painting and philosophy.

Metaversi and Nft: here is the new world

by Amelia Tomasicchio

The Hivearium project

A few days ago, in fact, the new project was launched Hivearium which combines classical music, philosophy and painting made with ancient techniques. The author of all this and also of the part of Web3 is the Italian artist Roberto Giavarini. Classical music is an integral part of the project. It is in particular a hymn, entitled “The Hymn of Bees”, then declined in 50 different instrumental pieces, each a metamorphosis of the initial hymn.

From classical music played with the harpsichord we move on to rock to arrive at experimental pieces. Giavarini composed the piano version on an imperial Bösendorfer, a piano whose value is over 200 thousand euros. But we also talked about ancient painting. Yes, because everything arises from the digitization of the physical work “Hive Mind Mother”a painting executed in mixed technique on wood by Giavarini himself, who has merged the techniques of ancient painting with new generation chemical processes he himself devised.

Sport loves NFTs: the pink jersey of the Giro d’Italia has also been tokenized

by Amelia Tomasicchio

This painting was digitized in 3D in HD and fragmented into 2109 parts, which have become as many distinct non-fungible tokens. And space and the planets are also involved in this work which somewhat follows the German concept of Gesamtkunstwerk which is well married to the NFT world in general.

In fact, the work of Hivearium is also geolocated in space with 100 works that can be seen through augmented reality (AR) and one of these works will follow the route of the international space station so that astronauts can admire it.

Metaverse, the potential over the next ten years

by Amelia Tomasicchio

Classical music in Nft

In reality, as far as classical music is concerned, there have already been experiments in the NFT field, for example with the Iberia Music project by Carolina Estrada which transformed the themes of the Internet into classical music and then sold in non-fungible tokens. On Async, a famous marketplace, the MozartBeats collection is then sold, which intersects classical music with physical concerts, with the first concert done on the blockchain.

Debussy’s Chiaro di Luna at the end of 2021 was also played in space, with the song being played on the International Space Station and sold in NFT, while previously the TradingView platform had created a flight plan to allow Tradingview charts to reach the stratosphere, about 35 km from the surface of the Earth. And this video was posted in Nft on Opensea.

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