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Phobias, which are the most common? Here’s what the symptoms are and how to manage them

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Phobias, which are the most common?  Here’s what the symptoms are and how to manage them

There are many phobias, but some are more common than others. Let’s see what they are, what symptoms and how to best manage them: here’s everything you need to know about them.

When we talk about phobia we refer to an emotional health disorder characterized by an intense and disproportionate fear of specific objects or situations. At these specific times, people suffering from this disorder react disproportionately and anxiously. This appears suddenly and quickly. Let’s get to know which are the most common.

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Losing control and feeling distressed by some object or situation. This is the first alarm bell that could warn us that we have some phobia. The phobias can be divided into two main categories: specifications e social. The former are much more common. The latter, on the other hand, are divided into five sub-categories.

When we talk about social phobias, we are referring to those that somehow clearly interfere with an individual’s normal routine. Whether with work or personal relationships, and more. Let’s get to know what the most common phobias and what are the symptoms that appear when we find ourselves in these situations.

Most common phobias, symptoms and treatments: here are what they are

aerophobia it is perhaps the most common. This is the phobia that takes to all those people who are afraid of flying. In the most extreme cases, aerophobics suffer from anxiety disorders even months before a trip. Claustrophobia it is what strikes those who are afraid of closed places. These people tend to avoid elevators, the subway, tunnels, small rooms, and even revolving doors can present difficulties.

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Agoraphobia it is the fear of open spaces and it is a more common complaint among women than among men. An ailment that Luca Laurenti also had, who told about his experience. The agoraphobic fears any place where he does not feel safe or cannot get help. Brontophobia it is those who fear situations related to nature and atmospheric phenomena such as thunder and lightning, precipices or deep waters are the most common.

Zoophobia all those people who are afraid of animals suffer from it. Entomophobia is who is afraid of insects, apiphobia who is afraid of bees, arachnophobia is fear of spiders or myrmecophobia for fear of ants. There is also herpetophobia for fear of reptiles or ophidiophobia for fear of snakes. And many more.

Ematophobia refers to the fear of seeing blood or injury or of receiving injections. People with blood phobia anticipate fainting and unpleasant sensations of dizziness and nausea and avoid getting tested. Acrofobia it is the fear of heights. The phobia usually manifests itself when we look out on a balcony, we are on a high vantage point or near a precipice.

Phobics can try panic, beat accelerated heart rate, short breath, tremors and a strong desire to escape. These are the most frequent symptoms of these people who suffer from some of the phobias indicated above. The treatment consists of to chill out e face fearperhaps with the help of a professional.

The information that is written in this article is for informational purposes only and has been taken from specialized web magazines. Therefore they do not want to replace a medical opinion. In the event of symptoms and treatments, it is always advisable to contact your general practitioner or hear a specialized opinion.

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