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Physiotherapists. Fnofi: “No shortcuts or unclear paths in university education”

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Physiotherapists.  Fnofi: “No shortcuts or unclear paths in university education”

The Federation of Physiotherapists has issued a warning regarding the phenomenon of qualifications awarded by foreign universities, emphasizing the need to protect the health of citizens. Piero Ferrante, President of Fnofi, expressed concern about the widespread practice of universities based abroad and branches in Italy issuing qualifications.

After an investigation revealed qualifications awarded to Sicilian students by the “Jean Monnet” department of European studies, affiliated with the University of Gorazde in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Ministry of the University quickly reacted by warning the university to adhere to regulations and avoid misleading advertising.

Luca Francini, FNOFI Secretary, highlighted the attractiveness of the physiotherapy profession, leading to foreign universities offering easy but often illusory solutions to bypass Italian legislation on access to health profession courses. This not only alters the programming of training needs but also poses a serious risk to citizens’ health if inadequately trained individuals enter the labor market.

Ferrante emphasized the commitment of Fnofi and territorial Orders to support investigating authorities and institutions in preventing the entry of inadequately trained professionals into the workforce. He also offered advice to young aspiring physiotherapists and their families to avoid investing in unrecognized training courses that may result in invalid qualifications.

In particular, Fnofi highlighted instances where foreign universities issue physiotherapy qualifications without fulfilling the required teaching and internship hours as mandated by Italian legislation. The Federation urges vigilance and caution to protect the integrity of the physiotherapy profession and the well-being of the population.

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