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Piero Angela before dying, the obvious signs of the disease: they have escaped everyone

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Piero Angela before dying, the obvious signs of the disease: they have escaped everyone

After the very painful death of the well-known Piero Angela, one of the interviews released before leaving us appears. Here are all the details about it: what his health conditions were and what he said then.

Piero Angela – NanoPress.it

In recent days, all of Italy has gathered together to remember the great loss suffered, alongside the Angela family and all their loved ones. He was a very well known face in the world of television. Every intervention by him was studied and dense in the smallest details, right from the beginning every one of his words he always taught us a lot and after him his whole family followed in his footsteps. From the beginning, the well-known journalist and beloved science popularizer has accompanied us in our growth by teaching us countless details and shedding light on realities that few people know.

Thanks to its disclosure, in fact, there are many viewers who are incredibly close to history and science. Unfortunately, however, only a few days ago, precisely the August 13, 2022, he left us.

Piero Angela
Piero Angela – Nanopress.it

The news was communicated directly to your loved ones and obviously it literally tortured us all. He was our mentor, our teacher, a real source of inspiration to follow. To this day, however, his teachings and the countless interventions that have literally marked history remain of him.

Piero Angela, after his death, one of his most recent interviews appears: here are all the details

For those who do not know him he died at the age of 93, lived following a single objective, that is to disclose all the necessary information publicly to ensure that anyone, at the expense of social status or simply of age, could take advantage of it. His death has shocked everyone and for this very reason many have decided to pay homage to him publishing his latest interviews with various newspapers.

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One of these is precisely the one released at Vanity Fair about two years ago, exactly on October 8, 2020. In the latter he continued to disclose his knowledge, also informing all those who followed him and still follow his health conditions.

Piero Angela SuperQuark
Piero Angela SuperQuark –

He said precisely about cholesterol and blood sugar:

“I have both low, which means that the blood is still flowing well. If you don’t have serious illnesses, you can and must continue. “

These were his words, then he was 91 but despite this his health conditions were not particularly critical. To date, however, unfortunately, we can not help but thank him for everything and pay homage to him for the last time.

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