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Pixel Pro 6, the best Android smartphone that hardly anyone knows

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You realize it’s special only after a week of using it. Pixel Pro 6 is the best Android smartphone, it has proprietary chip on the Apple model, a nice interface and a camera that really amazed us. Too bad that thanks to Google’s choice to have skipped a year in distribution, hardly anyone knows him. Yet, it has the cards to challenge the top of the class such as Samsung Galaxy S21 (at the time of writing the S22 has not yet been released) and iPhone 13 Pro. In short, Google has raised the hardware level to that of software. It means that this time he is serious. But will it be able to dent the Samsung-Apple duopoly?

The design is a bit chilly

Let’s start with the painful notes. Shiny metal, curved glass is large (6.7 inch) and a little slippery and is not for jeans pockets. It is not a disco smartphone, it is precious in the finishes but does not reach the levels of the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. The “storm black” model used for the test is very Milan in winter, industrial style, with the black 3mm embossed band that contains the photographic compartment that gives it a spartan feel.

About the Tensor chip

The Google-made Tensor processor can hold its own against the high-end chips in other phones. If we look at the benchmarks the results are in line with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888c mounted on the best Android smartphones but we are still below the A15 Bionic chipset of the iPhone 13 family. This on a technical level. In daily use it is a pleasure to play, at the battery level it closes the day with great serenity and never gives problems even when you overload it with open applications. To be more concrete Asphalt 9 runs smoothly, video editing and video streaming are handled smoothly as happens in more expensive smartphones. Which is good since the Pixel 6 Pro is priced at 900 euros, well below the psychological threshold of one thousand euros.

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The camera is the highlight

That big bar on the back hides three cameras: a 12-megapixel ultrawide that records in 4K; a 48 megapixel telephoto lens that offers a 4x optical zoom that goes up to 20x; and a main camera that uses a larger 1 / 1.3-inch sensor. Historically, Pixel cameras are among the best in circulation. Photos are distinguished by sharp, high-contrast images. The white balance can be changed quite easily. Compared to the previous models, the improvement is significant. The iPhone Pro 13 camera, however, remains the best, if you read the specialized press.

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What we really liked

Motion mode offers options like Panning and Long Exposure, which introduce more action to your shots. You can use Panning to take pictures of your kids riding the scooter or performing amazing skateboarding stunts against a stylish blurred background. Or you can take beautiful long exposure photos where the subject is moving, such as waterfalls or bustling city scenes.

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