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It was delivered in recent days, at the headquarters of theCollection Unit (UdR) Avis of Ferrara in corso Gioveccathe third machine for productive Plasmapheresis (plasma donation) which will guarantee the necessary increase to bring our province to the required regional donation standards.

At the UDR of Ferrara they were already operational two similar devices which ensured a collection of approx 1450 units per year. Thanks to this new machine, it will be possible to collect at least a third more than the historic figure per year, as also emerged in the recent press conference in which the new agreement relating to the close collaboration between the Ferrara healthcare companies, Avis and Fidas was presented.

I Plasma derived medicines (MPD) – i.e. albumin, coagulation factors and immunoglobulins for intravenous use (IG VENA) – are real life-saving drugs products from the fractionation industry, obtained from plasma donation, which for this reason must be fed and supported in the same way as the donation of “whole blood”. These machines are used to collect the plasma from the donor, which is then sent to the processing center of the Ospedale Maggiore in Bologna where it is validated – with mandatory legal tests – and then sent to the fractionation industry Kedrion of Lucca, which thanks to their technologies extract the individual molecules from the donated plasma, which become real medicines, which in turn are distributed to hospitals in quantities proportional to the quantities of plasma that have been delivered to them.

“I am extremely satisfied with the achievement of this goal – declares the dr. Gianluca Lodi, Acting Director of the Immunohaematology and Transfusion Unit of the University Hospital of Ferrara – which, in addition to improving our services aimed at the health of the citizen, shows us how S. Anna continues to pursue, in collaboration with Avis and Fidas, a precious and historic collaboration, capable of always guaranteeing new and important results”

The Minister of Health, in agreement with the Regions and Autonomous Provinces on the basis of the indications provided by the National Blood Center (CNS), prepares with his own decree a program aimed at development of plasma collectionin the Transfusion Services (ST) and in the Collection Units (UdR), and to promote the rational and appropriate use of plasma-derived medicinal products (MPD), as envisaged by Legislative Decree no. 261 of 20 December 2007. The objectives and goals of the Plan are also Blood and Plasma of the Emilia-Romagna Region to guarantee – through planning, coordination, guidance and verification of the regional blood system – the levels of regional self-sufficiency of blood, blood components and plasma derivatives for public and private healthcare facilities through voluntary donation. Another goal is to contribute to the achievement of national self-sufficiency of blood products and plasma derivativeswith the decisive contribution of the Associations and Federations of blood donors, in order to optimize the distribution and compensation activity on the national territory, in concert with the National Blood Centre.

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Also just yesterday, the Emilia Romagna region announced i data relating to blood history in the various provinces: hoping to do something useful, the link where you can find this data is the following:

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