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Players changed the “Century Empire 2” model to “Doom” RTS game | 4Gamers

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“DOOM” (DOOM) is a classic work of shooting games, but some people’s dream is not to create something greater than him, but to turn “DOOM” into a real-time strategy game (RTS). HELLKNIGHT61 recently launched its own model change “Century Empire 2” Mod, “Age of Doom” (Age of Doom).

“I want the original “Doom” to be resurrected on the “Century Empire 2″ game engine,” HELLKNIGHT61 emphasized in introducing the Mod: “This is my dream.”

Basically, the operation of the “Doom Age” Mod is no different from “Century Empire 2”, except that you control Doom, not a Musketeer. This Mod has transplanted parts of “Doom” and “Doom 3” The level, even the monster’s barrage and sound effects are transplanted together, it can be said to be very careful.

In fact, modular changes such as putting other IPs into the RTS game engine are quite common in the era of “Warcraft 3” map editor. If you are interested in trying it, you can go to Mod DB to download “Destroyed Century”.

In accordance with the usual disclaimer, here is once again reminded that the game official does not encourage model changes, and players must bear the computer security risks before installation.


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