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Players reacted to intensive phobia attacks, “FFXIV” changed the sage career icon | 4Gamers

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Because the professional icon design has caused some players’ intensive phobia, “Final Fantasy XIV” officially decided to accept these opinions from all sides and revise the existing professional icons.

According to the latest announcement (link) of “Final Fantasy XIV”, after the announcement of the two new professions, Grim Reaper and Sage, the team has received many opinions from players on the icon of the sage. Scary.

The reason for receiving these opinions is that it is a symptom called dense phobia, which makes people hate or fear to see evenly distributed images of holes. Although the symptoms vary from person to person, the fact is that there are indeed many. The player feels uncomfortable because of this. In addition, the career icon may also be commercialized, so the development team revised the sage’s career icon design after absorbing the opinions of the players.

The left is the old icon, the right is the new icon

The game producer Naoki Yoshida also shared the design thinking of the sage in the announcement. Since the sage is a profession that uses four “sage tools” as its main weapon, in order to avoid over-simplification of the icon, the original design is in four Holes were added to the symbolic image of the tool, but this also caused the icon to feel like a repeated hole image, which caused some players to feel uncomfortable.

So the development team later corrected this problem, removed the hole element, and kept the original icon design concept as a symbol of vitality. Yoshida said that some people may think the old version is more beautiful, and I hope players can understand this redesign of the icon.

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bob dorne August 2, 2021 - 5:43 am

Is this some sort of a joke?


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