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PlayStation 5 finally supports 1440p

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PlayStation 5 finally supports 1440p


Sony has pushed the latest beta test version to PlayStation 5 players in some regions, and one of the major changes is the addition of 1440p options in addition to the original 1080p and 4K output. This is a very welcome improvement for friends who use a monitor instead of a TV to play. As soon as you update, you’ll see a new 1440p HDMI output option. If the game natively supports 1440p, it will render at that resolution. If the work supports 4K, the system will oversample the picture to achieve better results.

However, it should be noted that the VRR variable refresh rate is still only applicable to 1080p and 2160p output modes for the time being, and it is not clear whether Sony will make changes for 1440p in the future. In addition, in the new firmware, players can create up to 15 new game groups on the game library screen, and each group can hold up to 100 games. Your game progress will remain displayed in the most visible position in the game center, making it easy to quickly return to where you left off. When party members are playing games that you can also participate in, a notification will pop up on your interface. After clicking the notification, you can join the game directly. In addition, you can also ask party members to share their screen.

Sony has also added some experimental features in this version of the software. Interested friends can go to the official blog to view the full introduction.

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