Home Health Pneumology closed and the staff merged with “Infectious”: but thus the whole organization of the ward on the front line against the pandemic jumps – breaking latest news

Pneumology closed and the staff merged with “Infectious”: but thus the whole organization of the ward on the front line against the pandemic jumps – breaking latest news

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TRENTO. Of course, the Pneumology department closes with all the problems that arise and with all their reasons … but if you are interested, go and see what happens in the infectious diseases department of the Santa Chiara hospital in Trento on the front line from 2 March 2020, for 643 days, every day, every day even in the summer, without ever a period of psycho-physical recovery as in the other departments, including Pneumology.

Even in infectious diseases there are professionals who have never pulled back and have given their all and still will. Nurses, doctors and Oss, always at the forefront. Organizational structure that in these long months of emergency work as well as being approved by hospital managers has guaranteed all operators to operate safely with professionalism, transmitting equal safety to all patients.

Now that they are exhausted, after months of communicating all the problems to hospital managers and proposing solutions, once again in an emergency, they are faced with accomplished facts and to solve all the problems they are merged with Pneumology to cope with the increase of patients who need ventilation to be trained in a hurry to non-invasive ventilation. … with all that derives from it, putting at risk the safety in the first place of the patients but also operators.

With what spirit will they face this umpteenth imposition there Field training in emergencies, of course they are professionals we repeat they will do it again, but at what price? With this amalgamation, the entire organizational structure was to be disrupted of the Infectious Diseases department, an upheaval that only partially managed to stem thanks to the descent into the field of the personnel concerned with infectious diseases. Staff who, even if they are tired, squeezed by now… do not hold back, will always do their job with professionalism, but are no longer willing to bow their heads; wants to be heard.

Of course it is the department suitable for the treatment of infectious diseases (and such is the SARS infection – cov 19), but the Infectious Diseases structure of Trento is the referent department for all infectious diseases in the province of Trento and is forced to deal with of all the other patients only with outpatient and day-H activity which has always been carried out; And if these patients need hospitalization, they are supported in other wards or even in other structures (Solatrix, Cavalese and so on) with all that derives from it.

How should a sick person feel when taken care of? And how must a professional feel forced to operate in these conditions for the past 2 years? The answers to you …

All this while the vaccination marathon is underway, certainly very important but equally important is the assistance and care of every day of Covid patients but also of all citizens who need hospital treatment.

Even our department has been without a department manager for several years and all this upheaval seems to take place on the eve of the appointment of a head physician ».

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