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Pnrr and Dm77, the family pediatricians: “Fimp agree on stop to community homes”

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Pnrr and Dm77, the family pediatricians: “Fimp agree on stop to community homes”

“We are really pleased that the difficulty of creating and sustaining the Community Houses, inserted within the PNRR and the DM77 which reforms the Territorial Health, has been acknowledged. The organizational model has never seemed sustainable to us, from the lack of financial coverage to the lack of healthcare personnel. Now let’s go back to investing in proximity and capillarity, keywords of the present and future of Italian health. Let’s start again from the relationship of trust with families, a distinctive feature of our work as family pediatricians and that of all primary care doctors”. This is the comment of the President of the Italian Federation of Pediatricians Antonio D’Avino at the opening of the Undersecretary for Health, Marcello Gemmato regarding a revision of the provisions, in favor of a greater centrality of family paediatricians, general practitioners and pharmacists.

“The concept of proximity is already present in the reform – recalls D’Avino – but it must become the cornerstone of models with increasing assistance intensity, modulated on the needs of patients and territories, starting from who those people and those areas, perhaps impervious and isolated in internal Italy, he knows them and lives them every day. The figure of the Family Pediatrician is central to this interpretation, also with respect to the sustainability of the entire National Health Service”.

“The willingness to reason starting from these premises, expressed by the Minister of Health Schillaci – concludes D’Avino – expresses an approach that is vital for us. Starting from the professionals, who exist, and not from the structures, which don’t exist, seems to us a sign of common sense, which we trust will be followed by an open and frank discussion on the attribution of functions to professionals, in the best interests of the health of the children who we care and their families. In this sense, we await the convening of an institutional meeting, confident that many will follow”.

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