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PNRR calls: with 14 projects financed between coordination and partnership, IRST among the most active centers

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Written on April 22, 2024.

Over 312 million euros have been financed for research on diseases, rare tumors and chronic non-communicable diseases with a high impact on public health, implemented by the Ministry of Health with the second call for projects in the biomedical field of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnnr). Financing that will allow the realization of 334 projects. Of the 39 submitted by companies and IRCCS of Emilia-Romagna, 3 are coordinated by IRST “Dino Amadori” IRCCS, each with a budget (to be divided between the partners) of 1 million euros. Also considering the initiatives in which the Institute is a partner, the number of studies involving researchers rises to 14, for a total funding for IRST of 4 million 463 thousand euros.

The three projects coordinated by IRST aim to define the effectiveness of new treatment approaches in areas in which IRST has internationally recognized expertise: COMBICOR -VAX (principal investigator IRST, dr. Alessandro Passardi, partner Dr. Emiliano Tamburini of the Tricase “Cardinare Giovanni Panico” hospital aims to evaluate the clinical and immunological efficacy of an innovative therapeutic treatment for colorectal tumors based on an initial phase of induction of a monoclonal antibody and dendritic cell vaccine, followed from a maintenance phase with chemotherapy; BEN-HOW (p.i. IRST dott.ssa Anna Tesei, partner prof. Simona Collina of the University of Pavia, prof. Stefano Alcaro of the University of Catanzaro and Prof. Gabriella Castoria of the AOU “Vanvitelli” of Naples) aims to develop new compounds capable of inhibiting a protein (called HUR) which plays an important role in the regulation of tumor-associated gene expression to pave the way for innovative therapies for the treatment of aggressive tumors that are currently difficult to treat such as glioblastoma and prostate cancer; BIO-TEST (pi IRST the doctor. Ugo De Giorgi, who are joined by Dr. Vitantonio Primiceri of the CNR – Institute of Nanotechnology of Lecce and prof. Matteo Landriscina of the AOU Policlinico di Foggia) aims to improve the treatment of germ cell tumors (GCT) by focusing on cases of recurrence and resistance to therapy, identifying new biomarkers, developing advanced diagnostic devices and exploring new immunotherapy strategies.

The PNRR calls represent a concrete opportunity to focus strongly on technological innovation and the development of new treatments: being found worthy of funding for 14 projects, three of which as coordinators, is a great result, which fills us with satisfaction – he comments Fabrizio MiserocchiPresidente IRST -. Our congratulations go to all the researchers who promoted these projects. Just as heartfelt thanks also go to the previous IRST Scientific Director, to prof. Giovanni Martinelli, who directed the design phase and the Research Office, without whose design work it would not have been possible to reach this goal. IRST IRCCS is a cornerstone of national research, an asset of all citizens. For this reason, together with the tenders won, we remember the support offered to our activities by large donors – to give just one example, the Cassa dei Risparmi di Forlì Foundation whose contribution was essential for the recent acquisition of the Linear Accelerator – as well as by those he places a simple signature on his tax return to give us his 5 per thousand”.

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