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Pnrr, from kindergartens to the Cinecittà studios. So Meloni changes Draghi’s plan

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Pnrr, from kindergartens to the Cinecittà studios.  So Meloni changes Draghi’s plan

ROMA – Ten goals out of twenty-seven. To be modified, to save the fourth installment of the Pnrr which is worth 16 billion. The Meloni government tries to run for cover and make up for the accumulated delays afterwards failure to meet the June 30 deadlinewhich required the achievement of all 27 goals.

The changes, reads a document approved by the control room, which was held at Palazzo Chigi, “refer to errors in the CID”, the Recovery application document, “and to objective circumstances that do not allow for the reporting of the measures” .

The restyling of the fourth installment was developed with the services of the European Commission, but for the disbursement of resources the formal go-ahead will be needed, therefore following a check, once Italy has sent the payment request, to which the revised objectives will be linked. Request that, explained iThe minister with the delegation to the Plan Raffaele Fitto at the end of the control room meeting, it will be sent “in the next few days”. And that will not include a definancing, but the full amounttherefore all 16 billion provided for by the Pnrr roadmap.

The changes concern six ministries: Businesses and Made in Italy, Infrastructures and Transport, Environment and Energy Security, Education, Culture and Cohesion Policies.

But what will change? It’s the transition green, one of the pillars of the Pnrr, to suffer the heaviest repercussions from the remodulation of the objectives. Because to acknowledge the delays, and therefore the obligation to make the changes, are above all the investments linked to the use of hydrogen, on which the executive led by Mario Draghi had bet. An important piece of the Plan, due to the extent of the challenge rather than the resources allocated.

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And to which the project hooks up for the installation of charging stations for electric carsanother strategic objective to encourage the green revolution: here too the track is that of a run-up, for the ground lost up to now.

Then there are gas boilers. They should have made room for those powered by diesel, through the Superbonus incentive, but the changeover did not take place. And to avoid a hole in the state coffers (13.5 billion with which 110% of the financing comes from the Pnrr), the government has asked the EU to be able to report on the installation of gas condensing boilers to replace those less efficient. Favorable treatment, for money spent in the name of environmental reasons. On paper. Why did gas boilers survive.

The document contains the details of the ten changes. Starting from the project for the realization of the new Cinecittà studios. But also, to cite another example, that for the renewal of the regional public transport railway fleetwith “clean” trains.

Nature is

The goal foresaw the assignment of 100% of the works for the construction and redevelopment of around 265,000 nursery places, to be completed by 31 December 2025. But the awards, at the end of June, were lower (about 91%). “The increases in the costs of raw materials due to the war have intervened”, writes the government. Adding that “the increase in costs has affected the designs and has led to the need for the implementing bodies to review the numbers of the new additional created”. The change: a new call to select interventions.

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By June 2026, the deadline of the Pnrr, they will be implemented nine studios instead of the 17 initially planned. For the other eight, the government’s commitment is scaled down: it will only come to acquire the land for the construction of the sheds. The changes also concern the implementing entity, which changes its name, from Istituto Luce Studios to Cinecittà SpA “This change – the government clarifies – has made it possible to have a clearer description of the goal and the related qualitative indicators”.

Ecobonus and boilers

The target set for the ecobonus, the tax deduction for work related to energy saving, will increase. And this is because, the document reports, “the contribution to the green transition of the sismabonus is not yet clear”. An important modification proposal concerns boilers: the request aims to report the installation of gas-fired condensing boilers to replace those with less energy efficiency.

Electric columns

The market response was not the expected one. And for this the executive must put his hand to the investment for the installation of charging stations for electric cars. Against 6,500 recharging infrastructures (4,000 in urban centers and 2,500 in extra-urban areas), requests were received through tenders for 4,700 infrastructures in urban areas alone. Zero for freeways. New tenders will then be published to try to achieve the goal.

Hydrogen industry

Another change concerns the investment for the use of hydrogen in industry hard to abatei.e. in the most polluting and difficult to convert sectors, such as refineries and steel mills. It is anticipated that “no natural gas shall be used for the production of hydrogen for use in direct reduction of iron.”

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Satellite technologies

They change the SatCom and Earth Observation projects, which concern satellite technologies and the economy of space. The document that will be sent to the EU will underline the need to avoid overlapping with ongoing private investments in theInternet of things (Internet of Things).

Hydrogen trains

The June 30 target envisaged the allocation of resources for the construction of ten refueling stations for hydrogen trainsalong six railway lines. For the government, the stations are to be built near green hydrogen production sites and highway stations with hydrogen refueling.

Pink businesses

Under examination by the EU Commission, the request to eliminate specific references to individual financial instruments to support women’s businesses. Thus, writes the government, “to allow for flexibility in implementation and to guarantee individual companies the choice of the support instrument most suited to their needs”.

Third sector

The executive has asked Brussels to raise the amount of notices for the enhancement of socio-educational services for minors, which pass through Third Sector projects. The goal is to strengthen measures against early school leaving, as well as enhance services for 0-6 years.

Green trains

The correction, requested by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, concerns the composition of the rolling stock (trains and carriages) to be purchased. Specifically it is expected the entry into service of at least 53 zero-emission passenger trains and another 100 universal service carriages.

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