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Pnrr Sanità, two more months to present the projects

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The delivery to the ministry of plans for community homes and hospitals has been extended to the end of February. Defused the attack of the opposition on the lack of sharing. Icardi: “The directors of the ASL call the mayors as soon as possible”. In January discussion in the classroom

Two more months to the Regions to present the operational plans essential to obtain the funds of the Pnrr Health. The deadline by which the projects and locations of community hospitals, operational centers and community homes must be delivered to the ministry of health, i.e. the three cornerstones of future territorial medicine, has been postponed from the initial December 31 to February 28. It can be read in the draft decree delivered by the dicastery of Roberto Speranza at the Conference of the Regions and close to overcoming the formal passage of the agreement in the body chaired by the governor of Friuli-Venezia Giulia Massimiliano Fedriga.

Two more months that can change many things, updating an agenda that was objectively very compressed and had already had as a more striking consequence the hard political clash with the heavy attack of the opposition against the junta of Alberto Cirio accused of not sharing with minorities and, even before, with the mayors a very important path of choices and decisions for the Piedmontese healthcare system. Just a few days ago the threat arrived from the benches of the Pd, of the M5S and other minorities: “We are ready to block the classroom if we are not involved in the projects of the NRP.”

Projects which, in essence, concern the location of community houses, community hospitals and operations centers on the territory, but also the choices of the structures where to insert them or the construction of new offices. A question that, while the proposals requested from the individuals arrived in the councilorship of Corso Regina Margherita Asl for a first technical scrutiny, it ignited by playing or running into a misunderstanding: consider what was proposed by the general managers of the health companies as definitive, despite the Region with the councilor Luigi Icardi reiterated several times that those proposals, in addition to the technical examination, would have had as a further step the illustration to local administrators for requests for changes and suggestions before the passage in the classroom at Palazzo Lascaris for discussion and final approval.

Certainly not an easy path having just over twenty days ahead, with the holidays in between. Not only. The reductions in the amount initially assigned to Piedmont, as well as other Northern Queens, caused by the decision of the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza to allocate “at least 40 per cent of the resources that can be allocated territorially (….) to the queens of the South”, first led to having to reduce the number of health homes in Piedmont from 93 to 90 and then give a further scissor cut by removing an additional 8.

In addition to impoverishing the initial plan, the minister’s decision entailed changes in the race to redraw the map of the structures of territorial medicine. Hence the need to extend the timeframe, moving the deadline for the presentation of regional plans forward by two months and setting the signing of the Institutional Development Contract at 31 May, without which “the impossibility of definitive assignment for the region is triggered. interested “, that is, a euro would not arrive.

“The general directors of the ASL have already received precise indications, which they must apply as soon as possible, to convene the representatives of the mayors to present the plans, collect information and requests to be reported then in the councilor”, explains Icardi who foresees the passage in the classroom of the overall plan by January. Some situations have already found a solution with heavy changes to the proposals made by the ASL by the councilorship with the confrontation with the mayors and in some cases, while their political party accuses them of non-sharing, some mayors of Turin have requested and obtained all ‘ASL even to split a structure within a few kilometers.

Political clash and bell tower issues, pressing requests for sharing and choices (such as that of the minister) that impose cuts on Piedmont. There is this and more on the road towards a new and more efficient local medicine to be built with funds from the NRP. Now there is even a little more time. Absolutely not to be wasted.


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