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Ponce Health Sciences University Leads Innovation in Dental Education in Puerto Rico

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Ponce Health Sciences University Leads Innovation in Dental Education in Puerto Rico

A series of challenges have been transformed into a unique opportunity to offer innovative dental education in Puerto Rico.

By: Diego Guzman Aragon
February 20, 2024

In an exclusive conversation with Revista MSP, the dean of the school of dental medicine of Ponce Health Sciences University, Dr. Noel Aymat, revealed that the institution opted for a new study program with a dental focus after facing obstacles in the medical specialty due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other incident factors.

“PHSU and its new faculty are determined to stay at the forefront, providing an educational experience that transcends traditional boundaries and prepares students for success in the field of odontology,” the dentist emphasized.

Ponce Health Sciences University expand your educational horizons

With a legacy of more than four decades, Ponce Health Sciences University (PHSU) has established itself as a renowned institution by providing high-quality education to outstanding students in various health fields, from Medicine and Clinical Psychology to Biomedical Sciences, Public Health, or Nursing.

The institution has a solid reputation in Puerto Rico and stands out for its robust focus on health sciences, integrating a scientific research component focused on the Latino community and other minority groups. In fact, the recent establishment of a campus in St. Louis, Missouri, marks a significant milestone in bringing PHSU’s educational and healthcare initiatives to an even broader audience.

Looking to the future, this effort is supported by Dr. Aymat with the upcoming addition of Dental Medicine to his curriculum after arduous days to obtain curricular accreditations in the context of Hurricane María: “More professionals are needed in this field,” the dean stated and continued: “The population has lost access to the provision of this service.”

Challenges turned into opportunities for odontology in Puerto Rico

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“In Puerto Rico, factors such as the impact of Hurricane Maria, the emigration of young people from the island, and the lack of interest of youth in odontology generated significant challenges. However, these obstacles have become opportunities to redefine dental education in the region,” mentioned Dr. Aymat.

The dean explained that the student period, scheduled to begin in July 2024, marks the beginning of a new era; as admitted students will participate in foundational courses during the first years, followed by simulation education in the second year. Later, in their third and fourth years, they will embark on practical training in the field, supported by committed professionals. This unique methodology combines various specialties with the objective of supporting the professional development of each student in a comprehensive manner.

Study odontology in Puerto Rico and the United States?

Active collaboration with community entities in the United States and Puerto Rico represents a valuable connection that facilitates investments and the creation of clinics in the communities. Dr. Aymat assured that: “The Ponce Health Sciences University and its new faculty strive to maintain an ongoing commitment to education, while ensuring healthy and collaborative environments for faculty.”

In summary, what began as a series of challenges has now transformed into a unique opportunity to offer an innovative and complete dental education in Puerto Rico for Puerto Ricans and foreigners. Consult the source of complementary information, here.

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