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Pozzolo case, witness: “The weapon was pointed towards me”. Delmastro heard by prosecutors

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Pozzolo case, witness: “The weapon was pointed towards me”.  Delmastro heard by prosecutors

The magistrates of the Biella Prosecutor’s Office have begun to listen to the testimonies of those who were present at the New Year’s Eve evening in Rosazza, in which the electrician Luca Campana was hit by a bullet fired from a gun owned by the Fratelli d’Italia deputy. Also heard from the Undersecretary of Justice and his sister Francesca Delmastro, mayor of the small village of Valle Cervo. We are still looking for a definitive reconstruction of what happened

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The prosecutors dealing with the investigation into the Pozzolo case, launched after the complaint lodged by the injured party, began listening to the testimonies of those who were present at the New Year’s Eve evening in Rosazza, in which the electrician Luca Campana was hit by a bullet fired from a gun owned by the Fratelli d’Italia deputy, Emanuele Pozzolo. In the afternoon, the undersecretary of Justice Andrea Delmastro also arrived at the Palace of Justice in Biella to be heard. Other witnesses also included Davide Zappalà, local exponent of Fratelli d’Italia and councilor for public works of the Municipality of Biella, and Francesca Delmastro, sister of the undersecretary and mayor of the small town in Valle Cervo. “The only thing I remember is that the weapon was taken out by the MP, he was handling it”, Campana said for days: “I asked him why he shot me, he never answered me and he didn’t even tell me apologized.”

Doubts to be clarified

Undersecretary Delmastro, of whom Pozzolo is one of his loyalists, immediately clarified that at the time of the shot he was outside the building and was preparing to leave for his home, accompanied by an escort. That the shot was fired accidentally is an element on which all the testimonies agree. On the contrary, it remains to be clarified who was holding the weapon when the bullet was fired. Pozzolo claims that it wasn’t him, but there are two of the participants in the evening who told the investigators exactly the opposite, that is, that it was the parliamentarian, now under investigation for injuries, dangerous ignitions and failure to keep a weapon, who handled the gun, a North American Arms Provo Ut mini-revolver, .22 caliber, which he regularly owned, with 5 other weapons.

The shot was fired 20 seconds after Pozzolo pulled out the weapon

Less than 20 seconds passed between when the gun appeared in the hands of deputy Emanuele Pozzolo and the moment the weapon fired, wounding Campana, who was nearby. This is what he told theANSA one of the participants in the New Year’s Eve party, who also spoke with the Carabinieri. So far, the testimonies collected by the investigators support the thesis according to which the bullet was accidentally fired while the gun was in the parliamentarian’s hand. “I was collecting the last glasses from the tables and, in passing, I noticed that that object was facing exactly in the direction in which Luca Campana and I were. I didn’t exactly perceive a sensation of danger but I think I thought something like ‘ when in doubt, it’s best to walk away’. Then I heard the shot. But I absolutely cannot say with certainty that at that precise moment the weapon was being held by the Honorable Pozzolo himself”, said one of those present at the party. After the shot, the gun was secured by one of the prison police officers escorting Undersecretary Andrea Delmastro, while first aid was given to the wounded man.

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Two witnesses accuse Pozzolo

One of the witnesses accusing the parliamentarian is the same one who has already reconstructed the scene in recent days, also speaking with some journalists. “At a certain point – he said – Pozzolo took out a gun to show it around. It was small, it looked like a lighter, and he could hold it in the palm of his hand. There wasn’t even time to ask him what it was. doing and maybe putting the weapon away, given that there were also children in the room.” His version and the version, of the same sign, provided by the other witness would have been collected almost simultaneously by two different carabinieri and would therefore be an element in favor of the accusation. The other people present in the Pro Loco premises on New Year’s Eve would not have provided, at least for the moment, useful elements to reconstruct the episode, because they were not present in the room or because they were distracted. But all the adults present that night – there were 35 people, including some children – should be interviewed by investigators in these days. It is very likely that Pozzolo will only be questioned when the results of the Stub arrive, the report entrusted to the Ris carabinieri. The test is to look for gunpowder residue. Pozzolo underwent the test, with findings on both his hands and clothing, only about 6 hours after the shot but investigators are certain that the time that passed did not jeopardize the reliability of the test.

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The deputy of Fratelli d’Italia Emanuele Pozzolo (in the photo) is under investigation for aggravated injuries: on New Year’s Eve, during a party in the premises of the Pro loco in Rosazza (Biella), the shot was fired from a gun registered to him the son-in-law of a man from the escort of the Undersecretary of Justice Andrea Delmastro was injured. Pozzolo maintains that he was not the one who shot. According to some rumours, FdI is discussing his possible suspension from the party. Here’s what happened Go to the photo gallery


According to what has been reconstructed, the shot was fired from a mini-pistol, a North American Arms LR22 that Pozzolo regularly held. He was showing it to some people present at the end of year celebrations, where he had arrived after having already celebrated at his house. The weapon was then seized together with the ammunition. Go to the photo gallery


The man hit (Luca Campana, 31-year-old electrician) was immediately taken to Ponderano hospital. The injuries to his leg were not serious and he was discharged on Monday 1 January, with a prognosis of 10 days. Now he gets around on crutches. On a possible lawsuit, his lawyer says that he “will make a decision about what to do when he recovers”. Campana “is still in shock over what happened. He is better, but the pain in his leg is still felt” Go to the photo gallery


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