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Pre Christmas Detox Diet | How to get in shape for the holidays

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The pre-Christmas detox diet will help you get to the next holidays in shape, so you don’t have to be forced to make too many sacrifices at the table: zero stress and no balance!

Pre Christmas detox diet recipe print

The Christmas holidays are approaching and obviously the first thought goes to all the delicacies that we usually cook in those special days. Two weeks of intense work for our gastrointestinal system and also for our line, put to the test by not exactly ‘light’ delicacies. The idea of ​​having to sacrifice the delicious dishes that characterize the holidays in favor of a few pounds less certainly is not pleasant. That’s why running for cover early can be the ideal solution. A detox diet like the one we propose is truly within everyone’s reach and will allow you to eliminate toxins, excess fluids and also give a boost to the metabolism. In this way, the long gastronomic sessions will not bring you as an additional gift so many extra kilos that would certainly be more difficult to manage and above all to dispose of afterwards.

Pre Christmas Detox Diet | How to get in shape for the holidays

First of all, a premise is always necessary, by virtue of the fact that any diet can bring benefits as well as cause problems for our health. In fact, any diet, before being addressed, always requires the opinion of a doctor. Especially if you suffer from pre-existing diseases, intolerances, allergies or if you are pregnant. For this reason it is important to always inform your specialist of any changes in your usual diet. A little consultation is necessary to make sure that the diet you intend to follow is actually adequate for the needs of your body.

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In general, what needs to be done is always to observe the traditional scheme of the five traditional meals: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner. Skipping meals is a mistake, you end up overeating the next meal, also compromising digestion. So eat well and slowly, above all. Be aware of what you are eating by savoring each bite. This way you will reach satiety faster. Then avoid the encore if possible. Always insert fruit or vegetables at every meal, seasoned with a little extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice, excellent for purifying the body. Prefer pasta and wholemeal bread and cereals which can be decisive even if you suffer from constipation. With their contribution of fibers they will help you to eliminate waste substances and also any swelling.

Drinking two liters of water a day is necessary to provide hydration and promote diuresis, in order to expel excess fluids.

Always prefer seasonal fruit and vegetables which, harvested in the typical period, will be even richer in vitamins and mineral salts. To guarantee a greater detox effect, fennel, apples and pears, grapefruit, pineapple, spinach, cabbage and artichokes are ideal. Eliminate carbonated, sugary, sweets and fried drinks for some time: small sacrifices that will be rewarded by the goodness you prepare to enjoy without feeling guilty!

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