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“Pregliasco has interests in the private sector”. Doctors slap Majorino

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“Pregliasco has interests in the private sector”.  Doctors slap Majorino

A slap to the optimism of the candidate for the presidency of the Lombardy region for the center-left Pierfrancesco Majorino comes from the not very reassuring low approval rating recorded by what he considered the “spearhead” of his deployment, namely the virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco.

The rejection

Not only that, given that the dem exponent had staked so much on the famous “virostar” that he entrusted him with the role of leaders, certain of the driving effect of his television notoriety. Unfortunately for Majorino, however, the first scorching rejection of his pupil’s candidacy arrives, presumably also due to the fact that Pregliasco, currently medical director of the Irccs Galeazzi – Sant’Ambrogio Hospital, has already proposed himself in the event of a victory for the centre-left as health councilor. The very category from which he would presumably have expected greater support closed the door in the professor’s face. “Dr. Pregliasco’s unusual self-candidacy for health councilor in Lombardy confirms our concerns about the risk that the public health condition in our Region will not be radically changed, as is instead indispensable and urgent”declares the president of Democratic Medicine Marco Caldirolias reported by Free Daily. “Dr. Pregliasco, medical director of the San Donato group, one of the main private health groups, represents, in fact, that private approach to health care, aimed at profit and not at collective healthneeds Caldiroli.

The unexpected lunge by Democratic medicinewith an imposition that came from above without the slightest involvement, certainly made the candidate for the role of governor of Lombardy flinch, who said he was in any case satisfied with the choices made. “Pregliasco is an added value”Indeed, Majorino declared in his speech on the sidelines of the presentation of the candidates on the Milano Metropolitana Pd list. “I am very happy that such a strong and authoritative figure has made this courageous choice”, he added, “and I am convinced that in the end the awareness will prevail in everyone that to change things in healthcare we need a very broad alliance”.

The opposition to Pregliasco’s candidacy, as well as the presumably unexpected haemorrhage of votes by the virologist’s centre-left colleagues, cannot fail to have destabilized the plans for Pierfrancesco Majorino.“I don’t have to clarify anything to anyone, then we’re certainly not here today to divide the departments”the center-left candidate limited himself to commenting, well aware of the fact that Healthcare will be one of the key points to weigh in the polls.

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Public and private

For now, the greatest weight is obtained by the veto imposed by the members of Democratic Medicine, who underline the irreconcilability of the interests between the public and the private sector. “An authentic and concrete intervention to relaunch public health, to reduce waiting lists, to strengthen medicine and local services, will necessarily have to collide with the interests of private health structures”the president Marco Caldiroli adds without too many words, “unless it’s a matter of facade interventions. This is why we share the criticisms of Pregliasco’s candidacy raised by many social realities”. This is why the request made to Majorino not to officially support the candidacy in the public sector of those who, like Pregliasco, have managerial interests or positions in private healthcare facilities.

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