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Premature menopause: cases increase

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Premature menopause: cases increase

Beware of these symptoms: premature menopause is a rather common problem, and it must be treated promptly.

early menopause (source pexels)

The early menopause it is a clinical phenomenon: it consists of cessation of menstrual flows, a sign that the follicular patrimony of the organism is heading towards exhaustion. The female body in fact produces one limited amount of eggs during their life cycle, and they begin to run out towards i 50 years of age.

If the menstrual flow begins to disappear before the age of 40we can fully speak of premature menopause: let’s see i main symptoms and the treatments to be put in place to combat it.

Premature menopause: here are the alarm bells

early menopause
early menopause (source pexels)

The condition of early menopause can be dictated by genetics: if in the family we have sisters, mothers or grandmothers who have manifested this clinical condition, it is quite common to incur it systematically. Other times this phenomenon arises following some medical treatments, such as i courses of chemotherapyor interventions such asovariectomia and thehysterectomy.

The cessation of menstrual flows is only one of the most easily recognizable symptoms. Premature menopause also manifests itself with sudden hot flashes, mood swings and vaginal dryness. Other common symptoms are the decreased sexual desire and the onset of sleep disorders. Menopause can represent a major health risk, even if it is an unavoidable and physiological event. In fact, the risk of osteoporosis e you circulatory and cardiovascular problemsas well as marking the end of the fertile period.

Available therapies for early menopause

If we detect such symptoms before the age of 40it is possible to anticipate by treating premature menopause with one hormone replacement therapy. This practice involves the administration of estrogencombined with the assumption of progestogens: these hormones, in fact, cease to be produced in sufficient quantities with the advent of menopause. Our trusted specialist can prescribe the most appropriate therapy for our clinical conditions, repeating the treatments until about the age of 50, a phase in which canonical menopause normally takes place. Obviously, all assessments must be carried out at the competent offices, and monitored by a professional. Estrogen therapy helps prevent hot flashes and vaginal drynessbut it does not help restore juvenile ovarian sham.

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Hormonal treatments can be administered in different ways: there are special ones on the market pills, gels and patches to be applied on the skin. The therapy can also be applied through specific vaginal rings, to be replaced a few months after the first use. Although hormone therapy can increase the risks of heart disease and breast cancer, in younger women the risk-benefit ratio generally works to their advantage. It is necessary in any case talk to an expertable to guide us with criteria in the choices to be made.

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