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Prepare mussels deliciously: tips and recipes | > – Guide – Cooking

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Prepare mussels deliciously: tips and recipes |  > – Guide – Cooking

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Mussels taste a bit like a holiday at the North Sea. The aromatic seafood can also be easily prepared at home. Recipes and tips on shelf life and preparation.

The flesh of the blue-black mussels has a soft, slightly creamy consistency and is very aromatic. They often come to us directly from the German North Sea coast and are a real delicacy.

Can mussels also be served in summer?

Traditionally, the period between September and April is regarded as mussel season. However, the popular rule of thumb that mussels and other mussels should only be eaten in months with an “r” dates back to a time when high summer temperatures spoiled seafood quickly. This danger no longer exists with today’s refrigerated transport.

Algae toxins: Possible in summer in mussels you have collected yourself

However, mussels can be contaminated with algae toxins in the warm months. These toxins sometimes accumulate in the mussels during the algal bloom in summer. Those who collect the animals themselves should take this into account. Farmed mussels, on the other hand, are regularly checked for contamination and can therefore also be served outside of the season.

When are mussels fresh?

Fresh mussels are only sold alive. When you buy them, they should smell faintly of sea water. Under no circumstances should the mussels smell strongly of fish or ammonia, otherwise they are already spoiled. Also, make sure the bowl is closed tightly. Mussels with wide open or badly damaged shells are already dead and need to be discarded. If the shells are slightly open, it is best to tap the edge of the shell briefly. Living mussels respond by twitching and closing.

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Prepare mussels for cooking

Traditionally, the mussels are cooked in a vegetable broth.

Before preparing the seafood, it is best to clean it thoroughly with a brush under running water. Barnacles can still cling to mussels you have collected yourself. Carefully remove them with a knife. The mussels should open as they cook. Be sure to discard specimens whose shell is still closed – the mussel could have been dead before you started cooking. You should count on about a kilo of mussels per portion, because

Prepare mussels

A classic method of preparation is to cook the mussels in their shells for a few minutes in a saucepan made from white wine, vegetables and spices such as bay leaves or aniseed. Then simply serve in the pot with a piece of baguette. The cooked mussels can also be processed further: To do this, remove the meat and mix it with fresh salad, for example. They also taste very good baked in the oven with cheese and breadcrumbs – the mussels can remain in their shells.

Can you store mussels?

In general, fresh mussels should be processed the same day they are purchased or collected, if possible. They will keep in the fridge for a day at most. Cooked mussel meat can also be frozen if necessary. However, it loses its flavor as a result.

Where do the mussels in the trade come from?

A particularly large number of mussels are harvested in the Wadden Sea near Sylt.

Mussels are found worldwide. The mussels that we sell in stores mostly come from aquaculture, i.e. they were bred in artificially created mussel beds. Goods that are sold in this country mostly come from the German Wadden Sea, sometimes also from the Netherlands or France.

For ecological reasons, the environmental organization WWF recommends using mussels from aquaculture that have grown entirely on linen cultures. Animals that come from bottom cultures are scraped off the sea floor. This severely damages the respective ecosystem. The environmentalists also point out that linen crops can also be problematic if the crops are in protected areas.

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Further information

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