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Preparing stewed cucumbers: recipes for the light summer kitchen > – Guide – Cooking

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Preparing stewed cucumbers: recipes for the light summer kitchen  > – Guide – Cooking

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Unlike cucumbers, stewed cucumbers only taste cooked. They go very well with meat and fish, but also with vegetarian dishes. Tips for preparation, shopping and storage as well as recipes.

They are aromatic, easy to prepare and an ideal vegetable for light summer cooking. Unlike their well-known relatives, the cucumbers, braised cucumbers are rarely served – perhaps because the season is relatively short. From around July to September, we have pickles from the field available.

Braised cucumbers and cucumbers: these are the differences

Stewed cucumbers differ from cucumbers in both appearance and taste. They are shorter and thicker and have a much harder, slightly yellowish-green skin. Their water content is also lower and they taste stronger than cucumbers. Cucumbers are not poisonous raw, but they are only edible when cooked. They are therefore unsuitable for salads or as raw food. On the other hand, they are ideal for cooking because their firm flesh does not disintegrate as quickly. Like all cucumbers, stewed cucumbers are low in calories and fat.

Preparing the stewed cucumbers: remove the skin containing the bitter substances

Whether vegetarian or with meat or fish: Stewed cucumbers go well with a variety of dishes.

Before cooking, cut off the ends. Cut away generously, especially on the stem, as there are many bitter substances there. You may want to try a small piece of the stem end to test if the cucumber still tastes bitter there and remove a little more if necessary. In general, however, modern varieties contain only a few bitter substances. Then peel the squash, cut in half and remove the seeds with a spoon.

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Stuffed stewed cucumber – with mince or vegetarian

Process the cucumber flesh as you like. For stuffed stewed cucumbers, for example, fry minced meat and onions, fill them into the cucumber halves and grate some cheese over them. Cook in the oven in a dish with a little broth for about 30 minutes. For a vegetarian version, fill with rice, peppers, zucchini and feta cheese.

Further information

Rainer Sass prepares the classic vegetarian and refines it with citrus notes, garlic and spring onions. Recipe

Star chef Volker Fuhrwerk refines the North German classic with steamed onions and radish yoghurt. Recipe

Fast summer cooking by Rainer Sass: He briefly frys the cucumber and minced meat and stews both in white wine and broth. Recipe

Dirk Luther serves crispy fried pollack on oriental spiced pickles. Recipe

The fish is baked with cheese and garnished with shrimp. This goes well with stewed cucumber, bean salad and rosemary potatoes. Recipe

Stewed cucumbers in dill sauce – the summer classic

A traditional preparation: Dice the cucumber halves and sauté briefly in a pan with diced onions, deglaze with broth and stew for about 10 minutes. Season to taste with sour cream or sour cream and a little lemon. It becomes a real classic when the sauce is refined with fresh, chopped dill. This goes well with, for example, fried fish fillet or meat, such as meatballs or schnitzel and potatoes.

Recognizing freshness when shopping – storage in the refrigerator

When shopping, pay attention to a smooth and firm shell and firm ends. Soft spots are a sign of a lack of freshness. Pickles will keep in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator for about a week.

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Further information

Cucumbers are low in calories and high in vitamins and minerals. What cucumbers are there – and how do you prepare them? more

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