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Presentation of the master’s degree course in medicine and surgery

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On Thursday 14 October, at 11.00, the students enrolled will be presented with the single-cycle master’s degree course in Medicine and Surgery.

The meeting will be held in the Conference Room of the Miulli Hospital and will be attended by Antonello Garzoni, Rector of the Lum University, Mons. Domenico Laddaga, Delegate of the Governor of the “Miulli” Hospital, Pierluigi Lopalco, Councilor for Health of the Puglia Region, Stefania Basili, President of the Permanent Conference of the Council Presidents of the Italian Master’s Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery, Bruno Moncharmont, coordinator of the Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery, Antonella Rago, General Director of Lum, Giaki Degennaro, University Manager of the Lum.

“The activation of the Lum Medicine and Surgery Course represents the response of our University to a territorial need and, more generally, of our country, which will have to face a shortage of medical personnel of more than 16 thousand units by 2025 – he said. the rector of Lum Prof. Antonello Garzoni – it is an important challenge, a challenge won with a view to the health of the future, where hospitals work on acute patients and where a system of territorial medicine is able to cope with extra cases hospital “.

“The evolution of Miulli to University Hospital represents a form of restart after the Covid emergency – said Mgr. Laddaga – It is our contribution to the global recovery, both productive and social, that we intend to carry out through the training of a medical class that places particular dedication to the territory. The goal is to provide international skills to a new medical class, which can be widely distributed in our region but which is also integrated into proximity networks, has great practicality in telemedicine and puts innovation and research at the service of assistance. territorial health care “.

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During the morning of October 14, the Master’s Degree Course will be presented to the freshmen, which enables them to practice the profession of doctor-surgeon. The excursus between the courses foreseen in the 6 years of study and the illustration of the technical-professional objectives will then be an element of analysis during a meeting to be held the following day, Friday 15 October. On this second day, the students themselves will be promoters of didactic stimuli and suggestions, for a morning of listening and discussion with the course representatives.


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