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Prevent foot blisters by treating them with 3 natural remedies at no cost

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To walk well, you don’t just need the right shoes. Certainly wearing the wrong footwear for a long time and walking in it can give you a lot of problems. They range from bad posture to more frequent blisters or blisters. And it is precisely this annoying problem that is discussed in this article.

The Experts of the Editors of PdB offer advice on how to prevent blisters on the feet by treating them with 3 natural remedies at no cost. Here’s how to protect your feet from unnecessary suffering forever by wearing any shoe and without giving up on long walks, trips or trekking.

Common causes of blisters

Blisters on the feet appear as a result of continual rubbing with a part of the shoe. This can happen both with shoes that are too small and with shoes that are too large. Sometimes, however, the blisters appear after long hours of walking, possibly wearing unsuitable shoes. Another cause could be the presence of a defect in the shoe itself.

The body reacts to rubbing by protecting itself and creating a sort of small bag filled with a transparent liquid. The function is to protect the deeper parts of the skin from bacteria. This is where the blister forms which can cause discomfort and sometimes pain that prevents you from wearing other shoes.

Prevent foot blisters by treating them with 3 natural remedies at no cost

There are two first precautions that must be taken into consideration. The first is to have the right shoes and the second to protect yourself with soft socks, suitable for the type of shoe and the activity we are going to do. If you are walking for long hours like in a trekking, then the socks will have to be super breathable but at the same time wrap around the foot and the ankle.

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Moisture must never be created and this is the purpose of the sock. To further cushion the rubbing it is possible to insert comfortable insoles, perhaps in latex. This allows it to better withstand the impacts of stony roads, rocks, hot asphalt etc.

For walkers there are special sprays and patches on the market that are absolutely to be used. Those who know the weak points of their foot can help themselves by applying these anti-chafing patches or creams.

The treatment of blisters

A remedy that helps the bladder heal is a foot bath in water, salt and bicarbonate. This remedy can also be used when the bladder is punctured and leaks fluid. To make the bubble reabsorb, however, we can apply aloe vera gel directly on the part and keep it for a few minutes. Calendula in ointment also helps the bladder to heal, as well as having a soothing and anti-inflammatory action.


Instructions for women traveling alone

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