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Prevent you from losing weight: 5 foods make your metabolism really slow

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Prevent you from losing weight: 5 foods make your metabolism really slow

Do you suffer from water retention, feel sluggish or suffer from constipation? These are all unpleasant things, but they have a common origin: the metabolism is really out of balance.

This is usually due to an unbalanced diet. These five foods in particular particularly inhibit metabolism.

Soybeans – can affect the thyroid

Let’s start with the most controversial food. Soy is considered by many to be a good source of protein – and there is no doubt that the bean provides important nutrients.

However, if consumed in excess, it can affect the thyroid in some people.

We recommend soy products that are certified organic and fermented, such as tempeh.

Flour, pasta and white rice – contain hardly any nutrients

The white flour, which is mainly used in pasta and bread, hardly provides the body with any nutrients that could stimulate the metabolic process.

The result: the metabolism switches to energy-saving mode. The gluten, starch and phytic acid contained in refined grains put additional strain on the body.

Alcohol – inhibits metabolism and fat burning

Regardless of whether it is beer, wine or champagne – alcoholic drinks inhibit metabolism and thus fat burning. The digestive enzymes are slowed down and many other digestive processes are blocked. This means that fat is stored in the cells.

At the same time, alcohol inhibits the production of the growth hormone testosterone. Especially if you are trying to build muscle, drinking alcohol is counterproductive.

Refined sugar – leads to food cravings

The bad boy when it comes to metabolism is an old acquaintance: sugar causes insulin levels in the body to skyrocket, which puts a lot of strain on the pancreas, which secretes insulin.

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During this time, the body neglects its metabolism. However, the vicious circle has already begun: after a sugar rush, the pancreas often works so intensively that it overshoots its target and hypoglycemia subsequently occurs.

The result: lack of concentration, reduced performance and the next craving.

Soft drinks – hidden sugar trap

It’s not particularly surprising that sodas and energy drinks slow down your metabolism. They are full of sugar and, as already written, refined sugar inhibits fat burning and promotes the storage of excess carbohydrates in fat depots.

At the same time, the sugary drinks promote a strong appetite or even food cravings because the blood sugar level rises too quickly and then falls rapidly again.

Researchers from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) found in a study that even a high-protein diet reduced fat burning when drinking soda with meals.

Conclusion: It’s best to eliminate sugary drinks from your diet completely.

You can boost your metabolism with these tips:

Drink a glass of grapefruit juice or lemon water or a small shot of ginger in the morning. One or two cups of green tea also boost your metabolism. Drink more than two liters of water and unsweetened tea a day. Spice up your food with chili, cinnamon or ginger. Get enough sleep – at least seven to eight hours. Eat enough proteins. Incorporate strength training into your workout routine instead of cardio. The formula: The more muscle, the more fat is consumed at rest.

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