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pro Cospito messages, packages at 10 cents

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pro Cospito messages, packages at 10 cents

Hacker attack on cigarette vending machines: slogan pro Cospito, the anarchist at 41 bis, and cigarettes at 10 cents. Cases reported throughout Campania.

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A massive hack on cigarette vending machines: widespread slogans pro Alfredo Cospito, the anarchist currently under the 41 bis regime, and packets of cigarettes at 10 cents. As ascertained by Fanpage.it, cases are currently reported in Campania in Naples, in the Soccavo district, but also in the Neapolitan hinterland of Qualiano and in the province up to Castellammare di Stabia. The Laservideo vending machines would be affected, while the others would not be involved in the hacker attack unleashed late today, Saturday 25 March.

Out of Alfredo from 41 bis“, we read on the distributors, “Close the 41 bis: free all, free all”, reads the screens of the affected distributors. Anyone who tries to buy cigarettes finds 10 cents as set prices for any type of brand and package: a damage therefore economic for the tobacconists involved, who now run the risk of being heavily penalised.But the accounts will be done in the next few hours, that is, when there will be a measure of how many vending machines have been hit by the sudden attack of these hours.

The Italian Federation of Tobacconists, the trade association that represents most of the Italian Tobacconists, has alerted the category, inviting them to switch off the Laservideo brand distributors that have come under attack: Fanpage.it learns this from some sources. Several tobacconists are already proceeding with the switch off, with all the economic repercussions of the case: there are cases in which someone would have taken advantage of the 10-cent packs of cigarettes to stock up on them. In the latter case, however, the risk is that they may incur complaints in the next few hours.

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