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Professional Networks and integrated group medicines arrive

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A new step forward towards what represents a real reform of primary care: today the Provincial Council, on the recommendation of the councilor for health, social policies, disability and family Stefania Segnana, has approved the two provincial agreements signed with the organizations trade unions on 5 October and 9 November 2021 and which govern the existing forms of association and local professional networks and integrated group medicines. The estimated expenditure is € 66,000 for 2021 and € 4,300,000 for 2022 and subsequent years; a one-off fee of € 800,000 is also envisaged for first-level diagnostic equipment.
“For some time we have been working to tackle the situation of shortage of general practitioners – comments the commissioner Segnana -. In this regard, I recall the Agreement signed in March 2020 which contained some extraordinary measures aimed at implementing both primary care and continuity of care. This was followed by the provincial agreement signed at the end of October to encourage general practitioners to take on more care continuity assignments and to cover shifts. Today an important path to which we have worked comes to completion. together with the trade union organizations, which I thank. We aim to facilitate the creation of new forms of association among general practitioners. The agreements, especially the last one signed, allow us to start a process of reorganization of general medicine – concludes the councilor – Further encouraging the associated work of doctors and offering o their greater administrative, nursing and technological supports, we could improve the assistance to citizens, in particular the care of our chronic and frail patients “.

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The provincial health councilor, Stefania Segnana [
Archivio Ufficio stampa PAT]

With today’s resolution, the Provincial Agreements of general practitioners of 5 October 2021 are therefore approved by the Executive, with which it was envisaged the possibility that the provisional doctors in charge of primary care can join the existing associations and receive the relative remuneration, and of November 9, 2021, which governs the local professional networks and integrated group medicines.

In detail, with the agreement of October 5, 2021 provision is made for the possibility for primary care doctors provisionally appointed to join the association forms and receive specific remuneration; this in order to allow the associative forms, pending the insertion of a new doctor in the area, can continue to operate and guarantee more extensive assistance to citizens, avoiding the risk of dissolution caused by the impossibility of working with a reduced number of components.
With the agreement of November 9, 2021 some innovations are introduced in the organizational forms of primary care and further incentives are foreseen for doctors. These are the main news:

  • the establishment of local professional networks within the health districts, which are identified by the Apss organization regulations, correspond to the territory of the Communities or their aggregations and represent the set of doctors, affiliated and employees, and health professionals who in each territory oversee the health of the population;
  • the encouragement of an innovative and privileged form of association among general practitioners called “integrated group medicine”, which will be further supported by administrative staff and with the collaboration of nurses, while safeguarding existing associations;
  • the provision by Apss to doctors in integrated group medicine of first-level diagnostic equipment;
  • the provision of greater incentives for doctors who make use of the administrative support and collaboration of nurses, with the possibility of increasing working time in favor of integrated group medicines.
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