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Promoting Health and Well-being: Collaboration between Health and Civic Centers in Salburua

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Promoting Health and Well-being: Collaboration between Health and Civic Centers in Salburua

In Salburua, the City Council of Vitoria and Osakidetza are expanding their collaboration to promote the well-being of the neighborhood. Starting next week, primary care professionals at the neighborhood health center will be able to deliver prescriptions at the civic center. This initiative follows the success of a similar program launched in Zabalgana in May 2023, which saw fifty people participating in activities aimed at improving physical and mental health.

The upcoming initiative will begin on Friday, March 1, as the delivery of prescriptions to the Salburua neighborhood by medical and nursing staff kicks off. However, the program is open to any health professional at the outpatient clinic. This expanded collaboration aims to enhance the well-being of the neighborhood and provides an opportunity for primary care professionals to prescribe patients to visit the civic center, with a specific activity recommendation.

The network of civic centers in the city has a long history of collaborating with neighborhood health centers to improve the health of the population. Various initiatives have been implemented in different neighborhoods, from the presence of sociocultural facilitators to promote health-related activities, to the prevention of children’s health issues, and combating loneliness.

The success of the collaborative program in Zabalgana has been promising, with fifty people already participating in activities to improve their overall health. Participants have expressed satisfaction with the program, and the Council aims to continue enhancing the program based on feedback. This new program allows health professionals to prescribe specific activities at the civic center, targeting areas such as physical activity, emotional well-being, food, culture, and social encounters.

The City Council and Osakidetza have embraced this new initiative in Zabalgana, with the aim to promote overall well-being by providing a more holistic approach to health. The ‘well-being point’ at the civic center serves as a designated area to provide information and assistance to those receiving prescriptions, offering a wide range of diverse activities. As a result, the civic center has adapted its offerings to meet the specific needs identified.

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This collaborative effort emphasizes the importance of promoting health and well-being across different neighborhoods, with a focus on inclusivity and catering to individuals’ specific needs. By expanding the collaboration between health and civic centers, the aim is to provide tailored support to improve the overall health and well-being of the community.

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