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Promoting science publishing, an ad hoc prize is born – Medicine

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Promoting science publishing, an ad hoc prize is born – Medicine

The Science Book of the Year award was born in Trieste to encourage editorial productions that narrate and analyze the world of science.

The recognition is promoted by ItalyPost and will be awarded on the occasion of the 12th edition of Trieste Next, scheduled from 22 to 24 September, in the tenth year of Margherita Hack’s death. Five finalist titles selected by the scientific jury chaired by Roberto Di Lenarda, rector of the University of Trieste. We are talking about The unexpected cure by Alessandro Aiuti and Annamaria Zaccheddu (Mondadori), a volume dedicated to HIV and how it has also become a valid ally of gene therapy from the plague of the century; The challenges of Mars by Paolo Ferri (Raffaello Cortina Editore), which traces the history of the Martian missions from the point of view of those who lived them; The evil said by Roberta Fulci (Code), an essay on pain, its meaning and its essential importance in our lives; Carnivorous Capitalism (The Assayer) by Francesca Grazioli, a journey into the darkest areas of the continent of meat; Superbugs (Raffaello Cortina publisher) by Fabrizio Pregliasco and Paola Arosio, which deals with the issue of antibiotic resistance.

On 23 September, from 11 to 17, the finalists will present their works to the festival audience. The winner will be decided by the Readers’ Jury made up of 200 dissemination enthusiasts from all over Italy. The awards ceremony will take place on 24 September at 11.30, on the Trieste Next stage.

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