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Prostate cancer: plant-based diet reduces effects

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Prostate cancer: plant-based diet reduces effects

Fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts have long been touted for their health benefits, but a recent study has highlighted their specific benefits for men undergoing treatment for prostate cancer. The study, conducted by scientists from New York University Grossman School of Medicine and Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, found a correlation between consuming a plant-based diet and mitigating the side effects of prostate cancer treatment.

Published in the journal Cancer, the study collected data from over 50 thousand healthcare professionals, with a focus on the relationship between nutrition and cardiac and oncological risks, including prostate cancer. The researchers observed that participants who had a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, cereals, and nuts experienced lower instances of treatment-related side effects compared to those with a diet heavy in animal proteins.

Specifically, patients with prostate cancer who followed a plant-based diet showed higher scores for sexual well-being, urinary function, and hormonal health. Lead researcher Stacy Loeb noted that these findings offer hope for improving the quality of life after prostate cancer treatment, emphasizing the importance of incorporating more plant proteins into one’s diet.

Prostate cancer is a prevalent and potentially deadly form of cancer, making these findings particularly significant for patients undergoing treatment. Previous studies have also supported the benefits of a plant-based diet in reducing the risk of prostate cancer progression and recurrence, as well as improving overall health and well-being.

In addition to reducing the risk of erectile dysfunction, sexual, and urinary problems, a plant-based diet may also offer protection against the potential return of prostate cancer. As research continues to uncover the numerous health benefits of plant-based eating, it’s clear that making dietary changes can play a significant role in managing and preventing the complications associated with prostate cancer.

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The study’s findings underscore the importance of considering diet and nutrition as essential components of prostate cancer treatment and recovery. By focusing on plant-based foods and incorporating a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts, men with prostate cancer may be able to enhance their overall well-being and quality of life during and after treatment.

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