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Prostate, the Blue Stamp arrives to indicate the centers dedicated to prevention

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After fifteen years of the Pink Stamp for hospitals that are friends of women, the Blue Stamp also arrives to fight prostate cancer. It is a sort of certification to identify the centers that guarantee an interdisciplinary approach to diagnostic and therapeutic pathways for people with prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer, effective drugs and a good quality of life

The initiative, which aims to promote the importance of prevention, is from Fondazione Onda, the National Observatory on women’s and gender health, with the patronage of AIRO (Italian Association of Radiotherapy and Clinical Oncology), CIPOMO (Italian College of the Primary Hospital Medical Oncologists), the AIOM Foundation, ROPI (Oncology Network for Patients Italy) and SIUrO (Italian Society of Uro-Oncology). It is no coincidence that November was chosen to present the initiative, the month dedicated to men’s health and the prevention of prostate cancer. In Italy there are about 564 thousand men diagnosed with prostate cancer, equal to 33% of the total cases of cancer affecting the male population. And although doctors continue to explain how important prevention is, given that the most effective contrast strategies remain correct information and early diagnosis, only three out of ten men said they feel sufficiently informed on the subject. Most would like to be more informed and assisted by their family doctor.

The analysis

Prostate cancer, effective drugs and a good quality of life

From the “Prostate Cancer Awareness” survey conducted by Elma Research and Fondazione Onda to study the perception and the level of information on prostate cancer, carried out on a sample of 273 people, of which 33% men with experience of the disease, it appears that the sample considers this type of cancer very widespread, but from more than half of the interviewees, 66%, are perceived as a treatable disease and not drastically impacting on the quality of life. Furthermore, what emerges is that only three out of ten men consider themselves sufficiently informed on the subject, among these those who suffer or have suffered from it feel more informed, while most would like to receive more information and be kept updated especially by their own doctor. General medicine.

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Cancer, in Italy people die less than in the rest of Europe. But with Covid, the diagnosis comes late

by Irma D’Aria

“Most of the men interviewed, who belong to a particularly educated segment of the population, according to our survey, carried out the necessary check-ups last year, mainly thanks to the important role played by their partners,” he says. Francesca Merzagora, president of the Onda Foundation. “In fact, it appears that the man in front of genitourinary problems reacts with closure behaviors minimizing the problem. The woman plays a fundamental role in motivating the man to early diagnosis and to undergo check-ups. For this reason it is very It is also useful for the female population to be informed on health issues concerning male family members. After the positive experience of almost fifteen years of the Pink Stamps, we have extended our attention to male health with the Blue Sticker to promote an even deeper and more widespread awareness of prostate cancer in men and women “.

Male health, if prevention is not done, sexuality is at risk

by Roberta Rossi

The Blue Stamp aims to inform the population of the structures that favor multidisciplinary management of prostate cancer by promoting collaboration between the various specialists active in the management of this disease, such as urologist, radiotherapist, medical oncologist, pathologist, radiologist, doctor. nuclear, psychologist.

Prostate cancer: 3 out of 10 patients give up visits for fear of Covid

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This first edition of the Bollino Azzurro is open to both Bollini Rosa hospitals and to those that are not part of the network distributed throughout the national territory, who can apply by filling out the questionnaire available on the website www.bollinirosa.it until January 14, 2022. participating hospitals will then be evaluated by a multidisciplinary commission of experts set up by the Onda Foundation, including the names of Giario Conti, SIURO Secretary, Orazio Caffo, Director of Medical Oncology, APSS Trento Hospital of S. Chiara and Rolando Maria D’Angelillo, Director of the UOC Radiotherapy of the Department of Oncohematology, Tor Vergata Polyclinic in Rome.


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