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protect your health, you could risk a lot

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protect your health, you could risk a lot

Eating pieces of raw dough while preparing pizzas and desserts is a habit that many have: maybe you should stop!

If you are passionate about cooking and aspiring Sunday chefs or pastry chefs, you will know very well how many times it can happen to taste the still raw doughs of our biscuits, cakes, pizzas and all the delicacies that we cook with so much love. When you find yourself kneading right away, it’s a pleasure taste a piece of our super dough. But how much does this habit cost us?

Perhaps, after knowing this information, you will no longer want to eat raw dough because the rewards for health are really high and it is absolutely not worth it to risk so much in order not to wait for the necessary minutes to cook our homemade dish. Even worse when this is left to the children! It’s hard to resist a nice chocolate chip cookie dough that’s yet to bake, but maybe it’s best to start doing it.

Why you shouldn’t eat raw dough

It is just a study, conducted by experts like Samuel Crowe and published in the New England Journal of Medicine, to ascertain the reasons why we should never taste the raw dough of pizzas, biscuits, cakes and bread while we cook. The reasons are different: first of all the flour can contain a dangerous bacteriumeschirichia coli, which can compromise our gastrointestinal health, even permanently or in any case very serious.

Not only that, often the doughs contain raw eggs and it is known how dangerous and inadvisable it is to consume a raw egg, to avoid contracting bacteria such as salmonella and incurring further gastro intestinal problems also very serious. The symptoms are those of a violent intestinal flu: vomiting, diarrhea, high fever, dehydration, up to renal failure. If these symptoms are found, you should immediately contact the medical staff to get the right diagnosis and the right therapy in time.

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That’s why it should always be avoid tasting the raw dough while we are cooking and the time has come to get rid of this bad habit and above all not to let our children come, who may feel invited by the softness of the dough but who absolutely should not eat it raw, the effects on them would be even more serious, given the fragility of their organisms. Be very careful when cooking with them, to avoid them eating pieces of dough when you are not watching or when you are distracted. Their health is at stake!

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