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protection of the elderly, 11 retirement homes without fire prevention measures discovered

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protection of the elderly, 11 retirement homes without fire prevention measures discovered

Over the last two months, the Carabinieri Health Protection Command carried out, in agreement with the Ministry of Health, a campaign of checks at a national level at health rehabilitation and social welfare facilities, which led to the inspection of over 600 centers intended to host elderly and disabled people, detecting irregularities at 191 of them, equal to 32%.

The checks by the Carabinieri NAS, intensified even more in conjunction with the Christmas holiday period, were aimed at ensuring the correct provision of care and assistance services, as well as compliance with all the measures intended for the protection and safety of the people hosted. Among these aspects, the application of fire prevention measures was verified, in consideration of recent news events relating to fires that hit healthcare facilities.

Specifically, i Carabinieri NAS they found 11 irregular structures due to the failure to request/renew fire prevention certificates, the failure to inspect the fire extinguishers and deficiencies in the functionality of the systems intended for the prevention or elimination of dangers, which led, in the most serious situations, to the closure of the facility and the relocation of guests. Among the remaining irregularities, approximately 60% concerned structural, management and authorization inadequacies, such as the illegal expansion of the accommodation capacity with the presence of a greater number of elderly people than the permitted limit and the consequent inadequacy of the available spaces with a lower capacity than the expected one.

Overall, 43 people held responsible for the abusive practice of the medical/nursing profession, possession of expired medicines and violations of safety in the workplace were referred to the judicial authorities, and a further 153 managers and managers of the facilities were sanctioned, for an amount of over 67,000 euros. Furthermore, measures were taken to suspend activity and close 12 structures found to be abusive or seriously deficient in health and construction matters, judged to be incompatible with the permanence of the residents, for an estimated economic impact of over 9 million euros.

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I Carabinieri NAS will continue to monitor the maintenance of adequate levels of assistance offered by Assisted Health Residences, retirement homes, residential communities and similar structures, in order to protect the health and dignity of one of the considered most sensitive groups of society, as well as protect their safety verifying compliance with safety standards.

Among the interventions we highlight:

Nas Alexandria – At a residence for the elderly in the province of Alessandria, the manager of the facility and an operator were released in a state of freedom, held responsible for the illegal practice of the nursing profession. The closure of the business and the suspension of the authorization were ordered in consideration of the serious structural and hygienic deficiencies, also in terms of physical and fire safety. The 29 guests, of whom 15 were not self-sufficient, were thus transferred to other facilities.

Nas breaking latest news – The lawyers responsible for a retirement home and an accommodation community located respectively in the provinces of breaking latest news and Chieti were sanctioned due to the excessive number of elderly people hosted (in one case 13 guests beyond the limit allowed by the authorization).

In Ragusa – The suspension of a residential community for the elderly in Syracuse was ordered for failure to comply with the expected structural and organizational standards, the activation of an unauthorized day center and the illegal expansion of the accommodation capacity. The value of the structure is equal to 400,000 euros. At another facility located in the same province, the owner was released on bail for running the retirement home with 32 beds without being in possession of the required fire prevention certificate, which was never requested.

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