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Province, in Desio the ceremony of the Talamoni Award: dedication of the gym to Luca Attanasio, five medals and five plaques

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Province, in Desio the ceremony of the Talamoni Award: dedication of the gym to Luca Attanasio, five medals and five plaques

It is the traditional delivery of merits on the occasion of the anniversary of the patron saint of Brianza, Luigi Talamoni, but this year it is in the name of the new gymnasium of the Maiorana high school in Desio in memory of the ambassador Luca Attanasio. Don Augusto Panzeri, Cadom, Luigi Moretti (in memory) and Giovanni Ferrario were also awarded; Gatto Panceri, Giancarlo Carrer (in memory), Luciano Grella, Group of Volunteers Cogliate and Graziella Giudici.

It is the traditional delivery of merits on the occasion of the anniversary of the patron of Brianza, Luigi Talamoni, but this year follows a particular ceremony in the memory of Ambassador Luca Attanasio, killed in Congo in February 2021.

The delivery of the Beato Talamoni award is scheduled for Saturday 23 October 2021, at 10 am, in the new gymnasium of the Ettore Majorana scientific and classical high school in Desio, which for the occasion will be named after the diplomat from Limbiate. In fact, Attanasio had been a student of the institute.

“Also this year we wanted to give our Talamoni Award a different cut, bringing our traditional ceremony to an unusual place like a gym. Months ago, the news of the death of Ambassador Luca Attanasio really struck us deeply and as a Province we wanted to express the will to do something concrete to give continuity to its strong bond with the territory: hence the idea of ​​bringing memory of him among the young people, in the school he attended, naming the gymnasium we built after him. We think that celebrating provincial merits in the same place is a really way to involve young people by bringing into their everyday life examples of life and beautiful stories of people and associations that work for the good of this land “, explains the president of the MB Province Luca Santambrogio.

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During the ceremony, the delivery of 5 medals and 5 plaques with special mention for the meritorious of Monza and its province is scheduled.

The Medals

HE Luca Attanasio: Luca Attanasio, ambassador of the Italian Republic to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, was tragically killed in an ambush near Goma on 22 February 2021 during a humanitarian mission. The carabiniere of the escort Vittorio Iacovacci and the Congolese driver Mustapha Milambo lost their lives with him

Don Augusto Panzeri: Head of Caritas of the Pastoral Zone V (Monza) of the Archdiocese of Milan (including the Deanies of Monza, Desio, Lissone, Seregno, Carate Brianza, Seveso, Cantù, Vimercate) and Chaplain of the Monza Prison;

CA.DO.M (Help Center for Battered Women): women’s association that has been operating in Monza and in the Brianza area since 1994 with the aim of preventing and combating all forms of violence against women both in the family and in the social sphere;

Luigi Moretti (to the memory): esteemed entrepreneur and citizen active in the political and social life of the city of Monza, he was one of the most fervent promoters of the Committee that allowed the establishment of the MB Province;

Giovanni Ferrario: artist and, since 2004, professor of Phenomenology and art criticism at the Catholic University of Milan. He has taught at the IED School of Design, Visual Arts and Communication in Milan, former professor of Contemporary Art Management Systems at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan and visiting professor at the LUISS Guido Carli University of Rome;

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The Special Mentions

Luigi Giovanni Maria Panceri aka Cat: singer-songwriter and musician, he is one of the most prestigious pens on the music scene with a live career full of numerous concerts not only in Italy but also abroad;

Giancarlo Carrer (to memory): founder of the White Cross of Biassono, he is considered an exemplary citizen with a high civic sense, always available to help others. Solar man, tenacious determined, he spent himself with courage even in the darkest period of the pandemic. Covid took him away on November 9, 2020.

Cav. Luciano Grella: an icon of style and fashion has created an entrepreneurial activity capable of giving work to many women in the area, who have become expert seamstresses and embroiderers over the years. It stands out for its commitment to pass on the heritage of designers to new generations who are struggling to establish themselves;

Cogliate Volunteers Group (GVC): present and active in the area, during the pandemic they offered invaluable help to build a network of solidarity capable of leaving no citizen isolated;

Graziella Giudici: eclectic and multifaceted personality is actively involved in the Municipality of Veduggio con Colzano where she stands out for originality and artistic spirit in the activities of director, actress, presenter and painter, managing to combine her profession as a small entrepreneur with family roles.

During the ceremony the gymnasium will be dedicated to Luca Attanasio with the dedication of a stele. The whole ceremony will be broadcast in live streaming on the website of the MB Province and recorded on the You tube channel.

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