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Proximity medicine, home telemedicine for the frail – Abruzzo

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Proximity medicine, home telemedicine for the frail – Abruzzo

Asl Teramo, service will cover 60 patients in mountain areas


(ANSA) – TERAMO, JAN 16 – The experimentation phase of the home telemedicine service has begun, a project followed by the Territorial Assistance Department of the Teramo Local Health Authority and directed by Valerio Profeta. Nine frail patients, already in charge of the integrated home care and residing in the SNAI Area (National Strategy for Internal Areas) “Alto Aterno – Gran Sasso Laga”, are subjected to home monitoring three times a week, through the visit of the nurse of the ‘Adi. The nurse is equipped with a kit, consisting of a tablet for television, 6-lead ECG, multi-parameter monitor and spirometer, which will allow perfect monitoring of the patient also in order to prevent the exacerbation of the pathologies and, therefore, to avoid or postpone them eventual hospitalization. This first activity will, in the next few weeks, be extended to all health districts with the involvement of 15 nurses and about 60 frail patients already in charge of home care.

By the end of the year, the service will be fully operational throughout the ASL territory for fragile patients to be monitored at home, including those coming from hospital wards and who need to be monitored during the reduction phase of the acute phase of the disease up to complete healing or stabilization. “The activation of the first phase of Telemedicine represents a first step towards a new approach to social and health assistance that is based on maximum proximity to the patient, but it also represents a first step in the profound reform of care and territorial assistance according to the model designed in DM 77″, concludes Di Giosia. (HANDLE).

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