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PS Plus game lineup is super weak by 4 points

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PS Plus game lineup is super weak by 4 points

PlayStation Plus has updated the 3-level upgrade monthly fee plan. When it was announced, it said that it can play up to 400 new games, PS2, and PSP classic masterpieces. However, Sony recently announced the game list. Both the number of first-line masterpieces and the number of old games have disappointed netizens. For example, they were accused of thunder and rain when they even entered the game platform. The first new game is not enough for XBox Game Pass, and the old game is also not enough. There are only dozens of them, which are not attractive to new players and senior fans.

Less than 1: The lineup of playing new games on Day 1 is super weak

PlayStation Plus will be divided into 4 plans: Basic / Upgrade / Premium / Advanced (but Hong Kong does not provide Premium plan), because the new PS Plus plan plan is regarded as a weapon against XBox Game Pass, so everyone should be most interested in what is the first line The new work can be played for a monthly fee, but it is a pity that there are only 6 of them. Among them, only “Horizon Western Forbidden Land” can be called… and! Only 2 hours of trial play! You heard that right, 2 hours!

List of 2-hour trial games

In fact, SIE executives said last week: “Playing new games for free on Day 1 will degrade the quality of the game.” It has been ridiculed by netizens, because XBox uses the first-line masterpiece Day 1 to play as a selling point. Liandeng user “Happy Haoyuan Meal II” said, “It’s a real joke, at least “GT7” is added. The new masterpiece is going to start a fire! Sony doesn’t care to do it, just fry Microsoft, and the little family is sour “Compared to Xbox Game Pass buying a lot of game studios and playing all the first-line masterpieces on Day 1, Sony seems to be unwilling to give up the profits of single game sales, and does not want to enter a new era of streaming monthly fees.

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Less than 2: 400 free games? Not enough for 100…

In addition, all plans of several plans will continue to get the free games distributed by PS Plus every month (as long as you keep paying the monthly fee, you can continue to play), and the types of games that can be played by various plans are different. Upgrade and advanced plans can Play selected PS4/PS5 Sony factory and third factory games, and new titles released in the future will also have the opportunity to play for free for a limited time: Among them, the relatively new and attractive ones are “Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Edition”, “Death Stranding Director’s Edition”, “Assassin’s Creed: “Viking Age”, “Horizon: Expecting Dawn”, “Returnal”, etc., but there is no real first-line “GT7”, “Final Fantasy VII Remake”, and even a 10-point perfect “The Last of Us” 2″ None! In addition, many of the dozens of free-to-play titles announced so far have been downloaded in the form of monthly free games in the old PS Plus plan, making it even less attractive.

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Featured 12 free-to-play games

All 38 PlayStation Studios home-made games

1.《Alienation》 | Housemarque,PS4

2.《Bloodborne》 | FromSoftware,PS4

3. 《Concrete Genie》 | Pixelopus , PS4

4.《Days Gone》 | Bend Studio,PS4

5.《Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition》 | Housemarque,PS4

6.《Death Stranding Director’s Cut》 | Kojima Productions,PS4/PS5

7.《Demon’s Souls》 | Bluepoint Games,PS5

8.《Destruction AllStars》 | Lucid Games,PS5

9. 《Everybody’s Golf》 | Japan Studio,PS4

10. Ghost Of Tsushima Director’s Cut | Sucker Punch, PS4/PS5

11.《God of War》 | Santa Monica Studio,PS4

12. “Gravity Rush 2/The End of Gravity Rush” | Japan Studio, PS4

13. “Gravity Rush/Gravity Rush Remake” | Japan Studio, PS4

14.《Horizon Zero Dawn》 | Guerrilla Games,PS4

15.《Infamous First Light》 | Sucker Punch,PS4

16.《Infamous Second Son》 | Sucker Punch,PS4

17.《Knack》 | Japan Studio,PS4

18. LittleBigPlanet 3 | Sumo Digital, PS4

19.《LocoRoco Remastered》 | Japan Studio,PS4

20.《LocoRoco 2 Remastered》 | Japan Studio,PS4

21.《Marvel’s Spider-Man》 | Insomniac Games,PS4

22.《Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales》 | Insomniac Games,PS4/PS5

23. 《Matterfall》 |Housemarque,PS4

24. 《MediEvil》 | Other Ocean,PS4

25.《Patapon Remastered》 | Japan Studio,PS4

26.《Patapon 2 Remastered》 | Japan Studio,PS4

27.《Resogun》 | Housemarque,PS4

28.《Returnal》 | Housemarque,PS5

29. SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS™ | Japan Studio, PS4

30.《Tearaway Unfolded》 |Media Molecule,PS4

31.《The Last Guardian》 | Japan Studio,PS4

32.《The Last of Us Remastered》 | Naughty Dog,PS4

33.《The Last of Us: Left Behind》 | Naughty Dog,PS4

34.《Until Dawn》 | Supermassive Games,PS4

35.《Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection》 |Naughty Dog,PS4

36.《Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End》 | Naughty Dog,PS4

37.《Uncharted: The Lost Legacy》 | Naughty Dog,PS4

38.《WipEout Omega Collection》 | Clever Beans & Creative Vault Studios,PS4

16 free-to-play games made by the third factory

1. 《Ashen》 | Annapurna Interactive , PS4

2. Assassin’s Creed: Viking Age | Ubisoft, PS4/PS5

3.《Cities: Skylines》 | Paradox Interactive,PS4

4.《Control: Ultimate Edition》 | 505 Games,PS4/PS5

5. Dead Cells | Motion Twin, PS4

6.《Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition》 | Square Enix Co.LTD,PS4

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7.《Hollow Knight》 | Team Cherry,PS4

8. “Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy” | Square Enix Co.LTD., PS4/PS5

9.《Naruto shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4》 | Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.,PS4

10.《NBA 2K22》 | 2K Games,PS4/PS5

11.《Outer Wilds》 | Annapurna Interactive,PS4

12.《Red Dead Redemption 2》 | Rockstar Games,PS4

13.《Resident Evil》 | Capcom Co., Ltd,PS4

14.《Soulcalibur VI》 | Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.,PS4

15.《The Artful Escape》 | Annapurna Interactive,PS4/PS5

16. The Crew 2 | Ubisoft, PS4

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Less than 3: The old generation PS1/2/PSP classic games do not have a single FF!

In addition, distinguished/advanced plan players can play the old games of PS/PS2/PS3/PSP. PS used to have a lineup of Japanese games as a selling point, but this time the list of free games for PS Plus is small, and there are almost no Japanese games to attract, and some more Just a PS4 remake. It was rumored earlier that Sony wanted to acquire Square Enix, so you can play all the classic FF for at least one month, and at least one original PlayStation “FF7”! Who knew there wasn’t even one!

《Ape Escape》 | Japan Studio, the first Playstation

《Everybody’s Golf》 | Japan Studio, the first Playstation

《Kurushi (IQ Intelligent Qube)》 | Japan Studio, the first PlayStation

《Jumping Flash!》 | Japan Studio, the first PlayStation

《Syphon Filter》 | Bend Studio, the first PlayStation

《Star Strike Portable》 | Housemarque,PSP

《Mr. Driller》 | Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.,初代PlayStation

《Tekken 2》 | Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc., the first PlayStation

《Worms World Party》 | Team 17, the first PlayStation

《Worms Armageddon》 | Team17, the first PlayStation

《Ape Escape 2》 | Japan Studio,PS4

《Arc The Lad: Twilight of the Spirits》 | Japan Studio,PS4

《Dark Cloud》 | Japan Studio,PS4

《Dark breaking latest news》 | Japan Studio,PS4

《FantaVision》 | YOU,PS4

《Everybody’s Tennis》 | Japan Studio,PS4

《Like II》 | Naughty Dog , PS4

《As 3. | Naughty Dog , PS4

《Jak X: Combat Racing》 | Naughty Dog,PS4

《Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy》 | Naughty Dog,PS4

《Rogue Galaxy》 | Japan Studio,PS4

《Forbidden Siren》 | Japan Studio,PS4

《Wild Arms 3》 | YOU,PS4

Bioshock Remastered | 2K Games, PS4

《Borderlands The Handsome Collection》 | 2K Games,PS4

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《Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning》 | THQ Nordic,PS4

Lego Harry Potter Collector’s Edition | WB Games, PS4

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Less than 4: Hong Kong does not have to play PS3 old games

What is even more disappointing to netizens is that users in Hong Kong, Taiwan and other Asian regions cannot use the cloud to play the old games of PS3 “Tokyo Jungle” and “Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare”, and there is one less motive to attract people to join the new plan. Netizens in Lian Deng also found that Sony only dared to use small size words on the blog to indicate that Hong Kong could not play PS3 games, and there were too many types of plans, so high-level and noble were confusing.

PS3 games operate in the form of streaming, this premium plan is not available in Hong Kong.

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Who is the PS Plus new plan recommended for?

The new PS Plus plan has failed to see that SIE wants to change the game buying ecology, and it is still nostalgic for making money with a single game. If you are someone who has already bought a PS5 and just want to play old games, it should be suitable for you to join the plan. Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass can play future new games on Day 1, which seems to be suitable for playing XBox. In this regard, if PS does not fall behind to catch up, it seems that it will be difficult to fight. In other words, PS didn’t plan to fight XBox Game Pass head-on from the beginning? We also need to see how the response is after the launch, and whether there are more attractive works added.

More than 30 games have been confirmed to be free to play on Xbox Game Pass on launch day in 2022.

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