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Psychiatrists, the threat of a hypochondria from Covid – Medicine looms

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(ANSA) – ROME, JANUARY 21 – The threat of a new form of hypochondria, that of Covid, looms. To combat it, together with a path of specialist treatment in the most serious cases, “some precautions can help to defuse the escalation in the compulsive manifestations of symptoms and to reduce their weight: just refer to the great phenomena of the past such as the plague, the Spanish or the First World War: this way of speaking to Italians risks making people more sensitive instead of making the behaviors that can limit the spread of the virus more active and responsible “. The alarm was raised by experts from the Italian Psychiatry Society (Sip). The psychiatrists then underline that it is “also essential to avoid talking only about illnesses and fears, because this does nothing but fuel anxiety, and reduce unnecessary and unjustified diagnostic checks”. “We’ll all take it anyway”: this is the refrain you hear repeated. “To say that Covid is transforming us into a society of sick people is not true – Massimo di Giannantonio and Enrico Zanalda, Sip co-presidents point out in a note – but hypochondriacs is a concrete danger.
The fact that every day we can face a health problem that concerns us personally or indirectly, is now present in the experience of all of us and risks altering and conditioning the perception of the disease, interpreting in an exaggerated way sensations of danger and malaise, with important repercussions. from a psychic point of view. “The experts therefore warn about the impact that the fourth wave from the Omicron variant risks having on the psychophysical health of Italians. (ANSA).

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