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Puglia, the charge of five thousand for a place in Medicine: the test on 6 September

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Puglia, the charge of five thousand for a place in Medicine: the test on 6 September

In Puglia there are over five thousand aspiring doctors who aim to enter the Faculty of Medicine for the next academic year. In the region, there are 600 places available in state universities (720 with non-state universities): after the test of 6 September, 12 per cent of candidates will be admitted, however, net of preferences for other sites and rankings. The numbers of the competition are in line with those of last year for the University of Bari and Salento, while growing for the University of Foggia and the Lum of Casamassima which has already taken the test in April.

In particular, 2,766 questions were received for the test at the University of Bari (including, however, those in Dentistry, but those for Medicine in English are missing). In total, 300 seats are available in the Bari university, plus another 60 at the Taranto site. Last year the candidates were instead 2,787 just for Medicine. At the University of Salento there is the widest gap. The numbers are the same as in 2021: about 1,500 aspiring doctors out of 60 places available to have submitted the request. At the University of Foggia, on the other hand, there will be 970 candidates out of 180 available places: last year there were 930 competing for the same places, including dentistry candidates. The Lum of Casamassima, being non-state, was instead already able to carry out the test in mid-April: 1,070 participated for 120 places available, while last year they were 800 for 90 places.

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In state universities the test will be carried out on 6 September in Italian and on 13 September in English. Candidates will have to answer 60 multiple choice questions (with five options provided) in 100 minutes: four questions on reading skills and knowledge acquired in studies, five on logic, 23 on biology, 15 on chemistry and 13 on physics and mathematics.

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