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Puppies, a gift that is worth a lifetime: tips for managing them in the best possible way

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Many people received a pet as a gift for Christmas, especially cats and dogs; the choice to share one’s life with an animal should always be based on the principles of conscious adoption, be ready to use part of our time to dedicate it to an individual of another species, who will always and in any case depend on us for nutrition, daily outings, games and cuddles.

Some advice

Particular attention must be given to nutrition: the leftovers from holidays can be harmful to our friends: to avoid very seasoned and spicy foods, dried fruit, sweets including pandoro and panettone, chocolate, bones that could cause intestinal blockages or perforation of the stomach and intestines, the raisins contained in many Christmas sweets, which contain a toxic substance for our friends.

Cats have a greater need for solitary moments of relaxation, we can try to interest them with some homemade games that can stimulate their nature as hunters, or by building small paths with bottles, chairs, boxes to jump or dam.

Dogs, cats & C: if they love each other, they don’t give themselves away

by Priscilla Di Thiene

For dogs we remember that the meal routine is important, like that of walks, we try to make the outings pleasant, we wait for their times, we try to let the surrounding environment smell a lot and always show ourselves positive, the olfactory research games are excellent. , they can also be made indoors, by building olfactory tracks of fragrant morsels, or by hiding a very interesting toy and going to look for them together around the house; All those mental activation games can also be of great use, which allow the dog to solve simple but also complex problem solving, so that by activating the mind, he is led to think and get tired of having to do it.


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