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Quartu, shops and gym instead of sheds in via Fermi – Sardinia

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Quartu, shops and gym instead of sheds in via Fermi – Sardinia

Urban redevelopment project underway


(ANSA) – QUARTU SANT’ELENA, DECEMBER 22 – The redevelopment of the disused industrial complex in via Fermi, at the entrance to the city, is underway. The City Council has given the go-ahead to the proposal for an Integrated Urban Reorganization Program which affects the area of ​​the old warehouses of the Franzcom company, close to Viale Marconi: they will be demolished and commercial activities will rise on the heavily resized volumes as well as a gymnasium dedicated to sports activities in the city.

The agreement was made possible through the activation of the instrument envisaged by art. 11 of the Implementation Rules of the Ppr. “It is the first time that a very innovative urban planning solution has been applied in Quartu such as that of the Urban Reorganization Programme, envisaged by Law 8 of 2015: a procedure which allows the redevelopment of heavily degraded areas even as an exception to the general urban planning instrument, bringing them in use”, explains the councilor for urban planning Aldo Vanini.

“Thanks to this tool it was possible to reconvert an area that the old Puc, not yet suitable for the PPR, was destined for extremely impactful craft and industrial activities, no longer suitable for a location at the entrance to the city – he continues – In the intervention of planned redevelopment instead a different philosophy of use finds space, with a halving of the old volumes and a destination of 25% of these to the public part, of which a portion will be kept free as a buffer zone close to the Is Cungiaus stream for the necessary works of hydraulic and environmental maintenance. The remaining portion – continues the councilor – consists in the sale of an existing building which will be completely renovated and converted into a sports facility owned by the municipality. We are talking about about 7000 square meters including the increase due to the necessary elevation in accordance with the law for homologation for sports use”.

“Finally, and no less importantly – underlines Vanini – a significant reduction of waterproof surfaces is planned and the removal of over 55,000 square meters of deteriorated asbestos, a potential health bomb at the entrance to the city which will be disposed of safely” (ANSA ).

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