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Questions about the eyes: “Serious chorioretinopathy, how is it treated?”

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Questions about the eyes: “Serious chorioretinopathy, how is it treated?”

He answers Luigi Mele, eye surgeon of the Luigi Vanvitelli University of Naples and director of the Italian Society of Ophthalmology (Soi). Ophthalmology specialists answer doubts, perplexities and questions regarding vision. Send your questions to [email protected]

Request. I have been suffering from central central chorioretinopathy in my right eye for about two months. I was given a micropulsed yellow laser without any benefit, I changed doctor who after OCT and fluorangiography told me that only the therapy with an anti-aldosterone therapy it is possible to reduce the fluid in the eye. I have already started the treatment for 11 days, but I was told that the treatment is very long. Can you tell me if there is anything else to do because it is a very bad situation? Thanks Patrizia Germanà.

Reply. According to what you have reported, there are no further therapeutic strategies beyond those that you have already pursued, except for photodynamic therapy which, in any case, must be performed in selected cases and does not present very different results from the subthreshold laser. We also point out that, based on the latest scientific evidence, anti-aldosterone therapy does not seem to bring valid benefit to your pathology..

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