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Quickload powered by Ogr: how the first Italian video game accelerator will act

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“Being able to count on the support of many companies present within the Embracer group, 34BigThings is the ideal technological partner for an acceleration experiment on the Italian territory such as the one proposed by Quickload powered by Ogr “: to speak is Valerio Di Donato, managing director of the 34BigThings development studio.

Quickload powered by Ogr Torino was born from the union of Turin and international realities for the creation of a hub, central to the Italian system, for the development and acceleration of startups in the gaming sector. 34BigThings was chosen as a technical partner thanks to the experience, attention to the territory and the international outlook of the company, which was recently acquired and is joined the Swedish group Embracer, a holding specialized in the production and distribution of video games.

Di Donato explained to us that “for the project, Microsoft has guaranteed an initial investment of 100 thousand dollars for the selected startups, to which will be added the investments of the programme’s investor and publisher partners, based on the results achieved during the acceleration process and the final event “.


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The core of the business accelerator is the approach based on building, consolidating and compartmentalizing the corporate culture before anything else. While the typical acceleration path provides training on legal, financial and technological aspects as the core of the experience, Di Donato told us: “Quickload powered by Ogr focuses on the soft skills of entrepreneurs and the team, the development of a corporate culture that can act as an engine , glue and motivation for all the people involved, and on this he adds the necessary technical skills to properly navigate the international gaming industry “.

After the call on 20 September, work will begin: “We will give the judges a few weeks to select the best teams from all over Europe and a few more weeks to the winners for accept the contract and move to Turin. At that point, a full-time training course will begin, mixed in presence at Ogrs and online, which will see great international and national names as mentors, with a personalized program on selected startups. Engagement with mentors will continue to decline slowly to make room for targeted exercises and work on the MVP to be presented at the final event ”.

Because of the way Quickload powered by Ogr is structured, one could think of a dress rehearsal for the future creation of a permanent hub for video game development on the Italian territory, Di Donato told us: “The project is part of a courageous and important plan for the present and the future of the Italian gaming industry, but it was never thought of as a temporary experiment. Quickload powered by Ogr was created to become the reference hub for all of southern Europe “.

Quickload powered by Ogr is a first, important step in a moment of strong evolution of the Italian market that needs to attract skills and foreign investments on our territory: “Attracting skills and foreign investments it is a structural point for the future of this industry. I believe that the entire sector is moving in this direction, rejuvenating the image of Italian industry in the eyes of the world and proposing itself as the new point of decline of the true digital made in Italy “.


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The Italy of video games has already amply demonstrated that it has no production or quality problems, the capacity for growth, maturation and global impact, is the reflection of Di Donato: “These are the issues to be addressed in the coming years and on which the full support of the institutions could materialize in a powerful and important differential”.


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