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Quit Smoking | Stop smoking: Gain up to 10 years of extra life

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Quit Smoking |  Stop smoking: Gain up to 10 years of extra life
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Stop smoking: here are some simple strategies to cheat addiction, cutting off this habit harmful to health.

Cigarette smoking addiction is one troubling scourge of modernity. The systematic use of cigarettes, in fact, can facilitate the onset of cardiovascular pathologies, without neglecting the risk of developing lethal tumors for the individual.

For this reason it is always advisable to try to permanently suspend this practice, favoring some tricks to deceive the mind. Nicotine, in fact, acts like a mild narcotic, binding smokers in an addiction difficult to eradicate. With the right strategies, however, it is possible to get around the obstacle, quickly recovering an optimal psychophysical balance.

First of all, although 90% of ex-smokers have autonomously succeeded in the commendable intention, support from friends and family is recommendedas well as the trusted doctor. In fact, publicly declaring the intent will encourage the willpower of the subject, who can resort to an appropriate psychological support at any time.

Secondly, we can circumvent the brain: the desire for a cigarette, after the first difficult 24 hours, lasts only a few minutes. So let’s do stock up on candies and chewing gum, distracting us with a walk outdoors, or with a providential chat with our loved ones. It must be taken into account that nicotine acts as a anorectic: it is therefore necessary to anticipate a slight increase in weight. That eventuality doesn’t always happen, however a pound or two more on the scale they must not act as a deterrent: as they say, health comes first!

The beneficial effects of quitting smoking on the body

As the body detoxifies from the presence of nicotine, we can see amazing effects on the whole body. About later 20 minutes from the last cigarettein fact, the heart rate and blood pressure are reduced, and within 12 ore, carbon monoxide levels in the blood also plummet. If the abstention continues from 2 to 12 weeksblood circulation returns to optimal ranges, as well as lung functions. After 1 year, the risk of heart attack is halved and then 15the risk of stroke becomes equal to that of a non-smoker.

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Dai 30 to 60 years of ageMoreover, ex-smokers can earn from 3 to 10 years olderextending their life expectancy.

stop smoking -lineadiretta24.it (source pexels)

Other incentives to quit smoking

Cigarette smoking not only predisposes to risk of heart attacks, strokes, respiratory diseases and cancers of the mouth, throat and lungs. This deleterious practice can lead to impotence or difficulty conceiving, with potentially devastating effects on the fetal health.

We also do not underestimate the impact of passive smoke. Inert exposure to the miasma of cigarettes can in fact favor the onset of otitis media, asthma and other respiratory diseases in those around us in everyday life.

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