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“R6S” announces “Alien Cataclysm” limited-time event, warming up the worldview of “Escape from the Forbidden Zone” | 4Gamers

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Ubisoft announced today (3) that “Rainbow 6: Seige” (Rainbow 6: Seige) will launch a new limited-time PvP event “Alien Cataclysm” from August 3 to 24, North America time, which will take players to embark on a full-blown chimera The updated version of the parasite “Consulate” map, and experience the new game mode “Destroy the incubation bag”.

According to official information, the “Alien Cataclysm” limited-time event allows players to experience the game world of “Evacuation of the Forbidden Zone” first. One side of the two teams is REACT operator (attacking party), and the other is the ancient mycelium transformed into a “variant”. “The team.


In this mode, the variant is a deadly archaeal variant, which can be transformed into the appearance of REACT operators (defenders) and try to imitate their behavior. At the same time, they can move at the highest speed, but they can only take melee attacks.

The defender will get extra health, Aruni’s boxing, and Oryx’s special abilities, but they will not be able to use weapons throughout the game. The attacker will be equipped with unmodified standard equipment, and the list of available operators has been reduced and adjusted.

“Alien Cataclysm” will introduce a new game mode called “Destroy the Incubation Bag”, allowing players to fight for the incubation bag. On the one hand, the attacker will face a two-layer target scenario: destroy the incubator to obtain the final goal and win the round. On the other hand, defensive defenders will rely on melee attacks and Oryx’s spearhead to stop their opponents.

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Of course, the complete annihilation of the opponent’s team is also an effective means of victory. The “Alien Cataclysm” limited time event also brings exclusive 33 unique collection items to the “R6S” operators, including the attacker’s IQ, Ace, Blackbeard, Amaru and Zero, and the defender’s Aruni, Jager, Kaid, Mira and Warden.

This collection includes head equipment, uniforms and weapon coatings. Each operator’s exclusive time-limited customized items can be obtained in the store area for 1680 R6 points to purchase the “Bundle”, or through the “Heterogeneous Catastrophe Pack” worth 300 R6 points or 12,500 reputation. .

Event MAP

It is conceivable that this “Alien Cataclysm” event should pave the way for Ubisoft to pave the way for the listing of Rainbow Six: Evacuation from the restricted area, but the listing time of this new work has been postponed again to January 2022, and the detailed time has not yet been announced.

The limited-time PvP event of “Heterogeneous Catastrophe” will start from August 4th to 24th, Taiwan time. Rainbow Six: Siege will also be available for free from August 13th to August 15th. At that time, players will get double “Battle Pass” points.


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